Travis Hawley

Viral Nation Inc VP, Business Development

Travis Hawley has quite the distinct background when it comes to communications and marketing. His adolescent interest in foreign languages led him to become a polyglot, especially once he joined the US Air Force as a Hebrew linguist working in Communications Intelligence within the National Security Agency, commonly known as "the NSA". After his four years of service to his country, he continued to work for the NSA as a contractor in Afghanistan supporting combat soldiers with his Communications Intelligence background. Quite strikingly, throughout the next three years, he turned down jobs at the FBI, the NSA, his local police department and even graduate school for nursing at UIC before he found himself working in social media marketing.
In his spare time, he grew "fan pages" on Facebook and Instagram where he gained valuable experience in social media and content marketing as he grew his accounts to hundreds of thousands of followers. Miraculously, he then found himself with a job offer to lead social media at the top grossing mobile game developer in the world, Machine Zone, where he worked directly with many celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conor McGregor, Kate Upton, Brett Favre, and Rob Gronkowski to develop TV commercials as well as hundreds of social media posts that advertised Machine Zone's titles.
From influencer marketing to community management, to social listening, Travis spearheaded very high-level campaigns and initiatives at Machine Zone that were lauded all the way up and through the C-Suite. Eventually, Travis took his experience and expertise to the agency side at Viral Nation Inc, North America's premier influencer marketing and talent agency, where he could bring Machine Zone's performance driven influencer marketing approach to other major brands like Anheuser-Busch and Rovio. As a distinguished marketer that has worked on all three sides of the business, as an influencer, as a marketer at the brand, and now at the agency, Travis brings a unique perspective as well as a holistic and performance approach along with him.

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Discussion: How to Evaluate Influencer Campaigns
Date/Time: 11:00 AM

If content really is king, then the future may belong to influencers, the 3 percent or so of social media users who move 90 percent of the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, et al. According to eMarketer, half of marketers will increase spending with influencers in 2017, but the question of how to evaluate these relationships still looms, as brands struggle to measure impact and ROI. What are these partnerships worth today, how are brands determining what success really means? What aspects of influencer data collection and analysis can be amplified by AI/machine learning to eventually solve the ROI puzzle?

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