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Monday, July 8, 2019
  • Amazon Adds Alexa 'Skill Connections'

    Amazon has added to its digital assistant Alexa the ability to enable a skill to use another skill to perform a specific task. Read the whole story

  • What Robots Can't Do

    in the end, robots don't lay brick, or carpeting, or install light fixtures, or hang wallpaper -- or do hundreds of other jobs that ... Read the whole story

  • Superhuman Removes Location Tracking From Email App: Report

    Superhuman has removed location tracking, but can track email opens. And other apps still track location. Read the whole story

  • BA Flies The Flag For What Happens When GDPR Bites

    GDPR has its first huge fine for a megabrand that shows the new law is about security as much as privacy. Read the whole story