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Tuesday, September 10, 2019
  • Adds Real-Time Analytics For Apple News

    Publishers now have the ability to see how their content is performing in the moment on the news aggregation app. publishers the ability to ... Read the whole story

  • Virtual Pay TV Services 'Use' Down Versus A Year Ago

    Overall, TiVo says live TV still sees the strongest results from viewers. Two of the better-performing vMVPDs are Hulu with Live TV, which is ... Read the whole story

  • TiVo: Number Of OTT Services Used Soars To 7.2

    While many U.S. households are sticking with traditional cable or satellite packages, they are increasingly being supplemented by a variety of OTT services, including ... Read the whole story

  • Using VR Technology To Give Pitches An Extra Pop

    Startup Voxel is helping creatives sharpen their hard-to-visualize concepts by using immersive VR and 3D formats. Read the whole story