AI & IoT Daily
Monday, February 10, 2020
  • eMarketer Predicts 83 Million Smart Speaker Users This Year

    Amazon, with its Echo line of smart speakers, will account for 70% of users, with 32% using Google-branded devices and 18% using other brands. Read the whole story

  • Wearable Created To Track Parkinson's Disease Tremors

    The Tremor Tracker is a device similar to a smartwatch that provides immediate information about the wearer's body condition at the moment. Read the whole story

  • Reuters, Synthesia Unveil Prototype For Automated Video Sports Reports

    The host can be programmed to deliver sports recaps using Reuters photography and reporting. There is no need for human scripting, editing or production. Read the whole story

  • Study: Firms Believe AI Could Hurt Branding

    Executives worry about diminishing creativity, fewer jobs and less differentiation, Bynder reports. Read the whole story

  • Future Today Launches On Xfinity, Xfinity Flex

    The ad-supported, cloud-based OTT service, already available on the other major connected platforms and devices, says it has 6.5 million active monthly users. Read the whole story