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Thursday, March 19, 2020
  • Google Pausing Chrome Releases Due To COVID-19

    The company announced it's "pausing" the releases of updated Chrome and Chrome OS due to adjusted work schedules. Read the whole story

  • At A Crucial Time For Smartphones, Many Wireless Stores Are Closing

    AT&T announced today it's temporarily closing 40% of its U.S.-owned retail stores, the latest wireless operator to curtail operations because of COVID-19. Read the whole story

  • Government Eying Smartphone Data To Track COVID-19

    U.S. officials are currently in talks with tech leaders like Facebook, Apple, and Google, which could assist in tracking people's whereabouts using their phones' ... Read the whole story

  • Dorsey's Square Gets Nod From FDIC To Open A Bank

    Square Financial Services will provide loans and deposit products for its clients. It is expected to launch next year. Read the whole story