• Apple Patents System To Prevent iPhones From Taking Video
    Apple has obtained a patent for a system that would enable people to use infrared light emitters to prevent iPhone users from taking photos or videos. This kind of technology could prevent people from using iPhones for bootlegging. But Mic warns that the police could also try to use this technology to prevent people from filming encounters with the authorities.
  • FTC Investigates Ashley Madison
    The Federal Trade Commission is investigating extramarital dating site Ashley Madison, which was hacked last year. The site is already facing class action lawsuits on behalf of people whose data was leaked. Also, the company allegedly used fembots -- computer programs that impersonated women -- to interact online with male customers.
  • Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Bill Outlawing 'Revenge Porn'
    Citing concerns about legitimate speech, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has vetoed a bill that would have criminalized revenge porn. "The bill is apparently intended to curb the dissemination of private sexual material over the internet, but its sweep is much broader," she stated. "It could also cover works of art that depict the human body." She added: "The breadth and lack of clarity may have a chilling effect on free speech."
  • Frontier Seeks To Block Google Fiber In Louisville
    Frontier is supporting AT&T in its bid to prevent Google Fiber from entering Louisville, Kentucky. In February, AT&T sued the city after lawmakers passed an ordinance aimed at making it easier for Google to bring its Gigabit fiber network to the city. The measure enables potential broadband providers like Google to install new equipment on utility poles owned by other companies.
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