Dead Nuts

  • by April 30, 2001
Dead Nuts

Stephanie Simon, writing for the LA Times, reports the Census Bureau statistic reflecting the precise center of the US population, and collected some interesting statistics. She says “Imagine the United States as a flat map. Then picture all 281 million Americans standing on the points representing their homes. Now balance that map on the tip of a pen. Edgar Springs (MO) is the balancing point.”

Well, it may not be the focal point for an advertising campaign, but then it may BE an advertising campaign!

- You can buy a house for $30,000
- It's a town of 190 souls Four votes represent
- 25% of ballots cast in the mayoral election
- The City Clerk works 20 hours a week
- You can get a bologna and cheese sandwich for $1.29
- Cinnamon buns are 75 cents apiece
- The town edges up to the Mark Twain National Forest
- Rolla, a college town, is 20 miles up the road

The nation's center has moved progressively westward, reflecting the West's population growth.

1800: Howard County, Md.
1850: Wirt County, W.V.
1900: Bartholomew County, Ind.
1950: Clay County, Ill.
2000: Edgar Springs, Mo.
Source: U.S. Census

Read more here.

And, the Nation’s New Mix from the census is shown in a national graphic.

-White 64%
-Black 12%
-Latino 11%
-Asian/Pacific Islander 4%
-Native Americans & other 1%
-MultiRacial 2%

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