• Customer Feedback Best Measurement For Tech Firms
    Feedback from customers and sales teams are the most important ways U.S. technology marketing executives are judging content effectiveness.
  • Data Driven Marketing Elicits Management Pressure
    Most brands today collect loads of customer interaction data, says research reported by Sitecore. Everything from email opens and click throughs, white paper downloads to page views and time on site, to social engagement and browsing behavior.
  • Customized Messaging Attracts Black Millennial Travelers
    Tailored messaging to Black Millennial Travelers can be highly influential in their booking decisions. 47% of those inclined to pay more would increase their nightly travel spend by $100 or more.
  • Ad Industry Stereotype Policeman?
    Gender stereotyping in advertisements is a common tactic used for many brands and products to portray their target audience. Whether it's the shampoo that only features women, or camping gear that only shows a male on the packaging.
  • Segmentation And Personalization Key Strategies For The Holidays
    Considering marketing tactics and strategies for the Holiday Season, retail marketers are overlooking omnichannel, says the report. The study surveyed some of the top ecommerce leaders and practitioners to find out how they're approaching marketing to a saturated audience.
  • Adapting to Generational Millennials
    Of more than 3,800 Americans, including roughly 2,200 Millennials aged 18 to 34, about their shopping preferences, the results, says the report, reveal important insights into how to win the generation game.
  • Online Shoppers Expect Payment Convenience
    Nearly 95 million online shoppers have saved their payment information with a retailer online to provide convenience when they're looking to complete their online purchases.
  • Influencers A Rising Trend
    Influencers are widespread throughout many retail sectors, and 70% of brands across industries are working with influencers through Instagram partnerships. Within the retail industry, the popularity of influencers varies by sector.
  • Americans Fear That Automation Will Exacerbate Inequality
    Most Americans expect warnings about automation advancements to have a negative impact on both the workforce and the U.S. economy. 67% of people are worried, rather than enthusiastic, (22%) about algorithms evaluating and choosing job candidates.
  • Holiday Sales Up 3.6 to 4% Forecasts NRF
    The NRF expects holiday retail sales in November and December (excluding automobiles, gasoline and restaurants) to increase between 3.6 and 4 percent for a total of $678.75 billion to $682 billion, up from $655.8 billion last year.
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