• An Industrial Revolution Or Just Smart Business?
    The report from HPE focuses on why so many SMBs are moving ahead with IoT in light of the complexity that it represents, and how the changes, driven by IoT technology, will play out for SMBs who want to leap-frog their competition.
  • Six Second Ads Require New Storytelling Format
    Fox Networks Group announced it would start supporting the six-second unskippable ad format, following YouTube's example.
  • Women In Internet Technology Speak Up
    The Harris Poll reported that women of all backgrounds "...experienced and observed significantly more unfair treatment overall than men..."
  • Online Ads Overtake TV
    With projections for online and offline media advertising markets through 2021, online advertising has already overtaken TV advertising in size, a much more bullish estimate than in last year's report.
  • Digitally Mature Organizations Have A 4X Lead
    71% of digitally maturing organizations encourage their organizations to experiment and accept the risk of failure, compared to 29% of early stage companies.
  • A Vote For IT And The Cloud Hook-Up
    Adopting a hybrid IT (More than 80% of businesses use either a mix of public and private cloud services or their own private cloud) is a strategic imperative. SMBs, in particular, cite significant improvements in business operations.
  • When Money, As An Incentive, Fails
    Common wisdom to increase performance would dictate a change in the monetary compensation plan. Pay more cash and get more results. Many corporations do just that, says the report.
  • Is It Really The End?
    Top-spending CMOs complain that display ads don't do what they're paying for them to do. Meanwhile, as consumers embrace interruption free experiences, marketers will move billions of display ad dollars to build customer relationships.
  • Mobile Ads: To Block Or Not To Block
    Large numbers of digital consumers across North America and Europe have been installing ad-blocker software on their desktops.
  • 9% Of Creative Firms Hiring; Balance Stabilized
    The employment outlook for creative talent is expected to remain relatively steady in the second half of 2017, with 9% of advertising and marketing executives surveyed saying they plan to expand their teams.
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