• Think About It
    B2B marketers and salespeople significantly underestimate the impact of thought leadership on demand generation and sales efforts, compared to actual feedback from B2B buyers, according to new research from Edelman and LinkedIn
  • Fashion Business
    The year ahead will be an awakening, says the report, after the reckoning of 2018, a time for fashion companies to look at opportunities and not just at surmounting challenges.
  • Online Ad Spending
    Online advertising revenues in the US reached $25.6 billion in the first half of 2018, with mobile accounting for 63% of the total, according to the latest revenue report from the IAB and PwC
  • AI A Strong Partner
    AI is making a big impact on how sales teams function. It won't replace your sales manager, writes Suzie Blaszkiewicz, but the use of artificial intelligence in sales can automate some of the menial tasks involved in successfully closing a deal.
  • Martech Revolves Around ROI
    Problems integrating platforms can present a serious barrier to omnichannel marketing activities.
  • Travel And Retail Marketers Under Most Pressure
    In B2C markets, digital marketers, trying to acquire new customers, face growing competition and increasing pressure from executives. But the obstacles they need to overcome, rising costs, consumer privacy concerns, and the challenge of differentiating their brand in a noisy marketplace, are just as formidable.
  • Your Personal Brand
    To help us understand what personal branding means to different generations, Gilsenan says "we looked at attitudes, interests and behaviors of Gen X(aged 36-54),Millennials(aged 22-35), and Gen Z (aged 16-21).
  • IAB Ad Revenue Continues Upward
    The IAB internet advertising revenue report 2018, for the first six months conducted by PwC and sponsored by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, shows the IAB internet advertising revenue report, now in its 23rd year at November 2018, revenues increase 23.1% from HY 2017.
  • Thanksgiving's Hot With Few Glitches
    According to timely writing by Stephanie Crets on Nov 23, 2018, Thanksgiving and Black Friday online sales are blowing past expectations. Black Friday is on track to reach more than $6.4 billion in online sales, according to Adobe Analytics.
  • The Measure of Innovation
    Sean Brown speaks about how companies can gain valuable insights into innovation performance from a pair of metrics that have been hiding seemingly in plain sight.
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