• Start Your "ToDo" List Now
    Now is a good time to pause and look inward at what did and didn't work with your online business. As you resolve to make changes, building out your 2018 roadmap, the report provides a few resolutions for your consideration in the New Year.
  • Mobile Phones Driving Search Ad Growth
    Mobile phones will drive most of the expansion in paid search ad spending, contributing an estimated 69% of the $19 billion in growth by 2022.
  • User Generated Content Attracts Shoppers
    User-generated content, such as ratings and reviews, photos, and videos, can improve your business' bottom line. On average, when a product adds one or more reviews, that product experiences a 108% lift in traffic, a 65% lift in conversion and a 92% lift in sales.
  • $$ Boost Survey Responses
    Telephone survey response rates plummeted from 36% in 1997 to just 9% in 2012. For brands and researchers trying to improve response rates, new Gallup data on the use of incentives could provide some hope.
  • Technology Encroaching On Personal Lives
    Until recently, technology was a tool: something that people consciously picked up or switched on to achieve a particular purpose. Today technology is increasingly embedded in every aspect of our lives.
  • Automotive Retail With Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Here
    Data is the lifeblood of AI, and in the last two years alone, approximately 90% of the world's data was created." In combination with processing power, data has allowed for companies to make greater advancements.
  • Cold Sales Calls Can Be Productive
    Sales reps tend to make common mistakes when leaving voicemails. Do your voicemails inspire others to call back? Or, are you committing common voicemail mistakes that keep your phone from ringing?
  • Competing With The Big Guys
    The headwinds facing traditional and online retailers in 2017 are numerous and well documented, says the study by Oracle/Marketing Cloud Chief.
  • Food Packaging Print Sells Healthy Food
    Consumers are using nutrition and fitness product information and labels on food packaging to meet personal health goals.
  • Top CEOs Challenged By Transition And Technology
    Two principal challenges are facing many CEOs: how to manage their early transition into the top job, and how to keep up with fast-moving technology to better prepare themselves for the disruption that will more than likely confront their companies.
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