• Business Owners Overwhelmed Staying Productive
    84% of business owners are logging over 40 hours a week, and 1 in 10 feel continuously overwhelmed by their workload.
  • Bigger Screens Attract Longer Videos
    fFor the first time long-form content represents the majority of time spent watching video on every screen.
  • Separate eMail Account For Brand Communications
    58% of Millennials maintain a separate email account just for brand communication, and 83% have made a purchase from email in the past three months.
  • Personal Turnover, or "Churn" In The Vernacular
    Churn rate for any single persona is 17%. ("churn:" combined horizontal and vertical movement inside organization and external... invalidating email address)
  • To Be Digital Think Mobile First
    While digital has been a huge part of industry conversations for years, marketing organizations are not yet operating as digital businesses and are a long way from doing so.
  • Who Do You Believe?
    More influential individuals, known as "information brokers," have a wealth of knowledge and know how to share it.
  • 50% Of Video Plays On Mobile; 60% in 2017
    More than 50% of all video plays were on mobile in 2016 for the first time; that number is expected to rise to 60% in 2017.
  • Getting From Sales Lead To Response
    Every sales leader wants to create a contact strategy that delivers the best results, visualizing the optimal customer experience from lead to conversion.
  • "Teach A Man To Fish..."
    As more Millennials settle into management roles, and members of Gen Z graduate and join the workforce, it's more important than ever to understand the preferences of these two generations.
  • TV Screen Dominates Adult Viewing
    Despite the growing number of ways people can watch video content, 92% of all viewing by U.S. adults is done on a TV screen.
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