• Youngest Generation Growing Up Fast
    There's one (generational) group in particular that's bound to draw a marketer's attention: Gen Z. Though that class of digital and social natives is still a developing consumer group, it's one that retailers have become particularly interested in.
  • Hulu Streamers 62% Female; YouTube 55% Male
    According to a new Nielsen Streaming Meter, the measurement specialist is able to give a better look at the overall streaming audience and what they're watching, reports Troy Dreier highlighting Brian Fuhrer, Nielsen senior VP of Product Leadership, praising The Nielsen Streaming Meter.
  • Artificial Intelligence Yields Simpler, Smarter IT
    New intelligent systems are making our lives simpler and more productive. Driverless cars empowered by AI are a great example of what can be done to improve devices that were formerly entirely dependent on human direction.
  • Marketers Challenged With Limited Advertising Space
    Human-computer interaction will soon be screenless, citing the strength of the Apple Watch Series 3 as a shift that will fundamentally rewire the way we think about marketing, experience design, and the world around us over the next several years, says the report.
  • Less Is More
    The retail industry is now shifting to smaller stores. In 2015, small format retail categories, drug, dollar and convenience stores, outgrew larger format stores by almost 400%, making up a more than $1 trillion market, says the report.
  • Rapid Fire Facts
    Mobile commerce is expected to account for 34.5% of total e-commerce sales this year, and it's further anticipated to surpass 50% by 2021, says eMarketer's Mobile Commerce Roundup.
  • Friends And Family Most Authentic Influence
    86% of consumers say that authenticity is most important when deciding what brands they like and support. Nearly three times as many people said content from friends and family influences their purchase decision.
  • Speed And Ease Make "Great" Online Experience
    47% of online shoppers in the US, UK and Australia deemed speed "critical" to a great online experience, with another 47% saying it's "important."
  • "Amazonification" Of Customer Shipping Challenges Small Retailers
    The challenges posed by increasing customer expectations around shipping for small and midsize retailers can be managed with a shipping strategy that includes automation, a mix of carriers including the USPS.
  • Non-Parents Ads Spike Christmas Day
    As every advertiser knows, says a new report by StrikeSocial, November and December mark the biggest months for retail sales each year. The analysis by StrikeSocal of YouTube budgets and expenditures for opportunities and strategies during the holidays, shows holiday spending in the U.S. reaching a whopping $655.8 billion in 2016, another $94 billion was spent in the U.K., while Japan saw its spending grow to $35.7 billion. And, this year, U.S. holiday shopping alone is expected to grow another 4%, to $678.8. This giant sum of cash translates into the average American shopper spending $900 on holiday gifts. Parents alone dole out ...
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