• Publishers And Merchants Endorse New Revenue Generator
    "Affiliate marketing is "carving out a piece of the digital advertising pie." Publishers ranked affiliate marketing ahead of display advertising in revenue generation abilities.
  • Shopping Behavior In The Heartlands
    Differences in core values and media consumption habits of consumers living in the Heartland.
  • Lead Development Quality With Account Based Marketing
    Account Based Marketing is the most-talked-about strategy right now in the B2B world. According to Forbes, 80% of marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments
  • Screenless TV The Next Wave?
    innovative technologies for displaying TV content without the staid grey box are set to offer consumers a new viewing concept and a fantastic opportunity to reinvigorate living room design.
  • More Web For Moms Than Radio Or TV
    Moms in the United States now spend more time each day on the Internet than listening to the radio or watching television
  • Some Multitasking Yields Inflated Measurements
    Consumers are spending more time with major media each day, and all that extra time is going to digital media. Radio, though, has been quite resilient among traditional media.
  • Targeted Ads And Outdated Results Annoy Online Searchers
    In a survey of behaviors around online searching and shopping, 58% of Americans search for their next purchase, and 27% say that they use search engines to read product reviews.
  • Define A Millennial
    The report does define millennials as a 20 year generation, born in 1980. The 37 Year Old Millennial is everything expected from a millennial, and in some cases more.
  • Half Of Paid Searches Voice Activated By 2020
    The iProspect report provides an analysis and overview of the trends and opportunities relevant for brands that are taking a strategic, performance focused approach to paid search marketing.
  • Intercultural Asian American Women
    Asian American women are embracing new products, trends and experiences. They over index on travel to the Middle East, Latin America and Canada as compared to non-Hispanic white women.
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