• Product And Message Abandonment Are Good Targets
    As new technology was introduced to automate message personalization, many retailers were quick to jump on board, serving up product recommendations on-site, in emails and in display ads.
  • "... If The Creek Don't Rise"
    According to the The National Retail Federation forecast for 2017, by Treacy Reynolds, NRF press, retail industry sales will grow between 3.7 and 4.2% over 2016.
  • Cell Phones Replacing ATM Cards
    According to L2's Digital IQ Index Financial Services, written by Elisabeth Rosen, time spent on mobile has increased 62% in the last three years, and mobile users now expect certain features to be available at their fingertips.
  • Top SuperBowl Ads Easy To Quickly Understand
    With 30-second (Super Bowl) spots going for around $5 million, says the report, and with more than 100 million viewers tuning in, advertisers and marketers need to know what strikes an emotional chord and what drives engagement across social media to further amplify their message and optimize the value of their creative.
  • Languages Of Loyalty Are Changing
    According to a new report, "Seeing Beyond the Loyalty Illusion," from Accenture Strategy, by Jim Tierney, customer loyalty programs aren't working like they used to, and marketers need to take a fresh look at their respective strategies to ensure success.
  • Video Surfacing In Digital Plans For 2017
    The explosive growth of video in 2016 makes 2017 an important year for video content, and as more publishers are tempted to use it, it's useful to consider the best strategies to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Customer Service Boosts Bottom Line
    Overall customer service, speed of delivery and efficiency of checkout, an investment in customer service will reap rewards for retailers through elevated shopper satisfaction, giving a boost to the bottom line.
  • ROR: Return on Relationship
    "... a Return on Relationship is the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship over time.... and this true relationship connection will pass through to the consumer."
  • B2B Marketers Choose Quality
    B2B marketers chose lead quality over quantity. This year's survey solidifies the trend with a 26% YoY increase in marketers choosing "deliver quality leads" as their top marketing goal for 2017.
  • Price Trumps Brand Loyalty
    Retailers and manufacturers know having an omnichannel strategy is table stakes for delivering seamless, connected customer experiences. Forrester finds that 71% of US business influencers and decision-makers ranked the improvement of their customer experience as their top initiative in 2016.
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