• 78% Purchased from Amazon During Past Six Months
    According to a new BigCommerce omnichannel buying survey, 78% of respondents made a made a purchase from Amazon over the past six months, while 65% still made an in-store purchase within the same period.
  • Successful B2B Marketers Putting Audiences' Needs First
    A majority of B2B content marketers in North America have increased their spending on content creation in the past 12 months.
  • PR Valuable For StartUps
    Several reasons why startups should outsource their PR efforts.
  • Mobile App Engagement in Japan
    For mobile marketers running campaigns in Japan, or those considering it, the country represents a unique and dynamic opportunity. It's a lucrative one too, she says
  • Handshake Marketing
    LinkedIn's 3rd Annual State of Sales Report finds that buyers expect personalized experiences and can see through cold or impersonal outreach. Sales is also navigating a more complex buying process that involves more people and distributed decision-making
  • Green Is Clean
    News articles and documentaries around rising seas, declining air quality and shrinking animal populations are more common than ever.
  • Digital Drivers
    Each fall, as marketers plan their campaigns for the coming year, writes Ron Rodrigues, Pandora publishes its perspective of the diverse ad-supported audio landscape in the Definitive Guide to Audio, including insights, data findings, and predictions about the medium. that draws nearly four hours of daily time spent among Americans. This year audio media is in peak disruption mode. Listeners have found music and other content that’s personalized to them. That personalization invites marketers to align their brands with lifestyles and moments, and not just ages and genders. As more Americans acquire smartphones, smart speakers, connected cars and other digital media devices, …
  • Load Up On In-Apps
    Announcing the results of a global survey, media agencies and buyers consider mobile to be the most effective channel to reach and engage users.
  • 50 Media Hours Per Week
    PQ Media today released the 6th annual Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2018-22, which estimates that consumer time spent with media worldwide, including all digital and traditional media combined, is on pace to grow 2.1% to an average of 50.9 hours per week (HPW) in 2018.
  • $800 Billion For Sales Training
    In the U.S. alone, companies spend $15 billion each year training sales employees and $800 billion on incentives to retain talent.
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