• Primetime TV Data With Nielsen
    According to a recent Nielsen report, while advertisers are looking for primetime ad space, the real opportunities lie with the viewers, who continue to access and engage with TV content in a variety of ways. Knowing when and where to find consumers is crucial to reach them, and ensure ads break through the clutter and catch attention.
  • CEOs Pushing Marketing For Measurements
    The annual Ifbyphone State of Marketing Measurement Survey identifies what successful marketers are doing. The 2014 survey examines trends in how often CEOs are looking for marketing activity reports, and the diversity of channels being measured.
  • Drive Subsequent Email Opens to 2nd Screen
    Data from nearly 6 million email marketing campaigns suggests the shift to mobile has made it more difficult to get readers to engage with your content, unless you can drive a subsequent open in a different environment. If a mobile reader opens an email again from a different device, more clicks happen, says the report.
  • Business Technologies And Tools For Agency Growth
    According to Mirren Business Development, and RSW/US's respective databases of senior agency executives, "Salesforce" is the most often mentioned tool for agencies to support and grow their business. But many agencies want more from it in terms of customization or training.
  • Things Will Thrive by '25
    The Internet of Things is the latest research report by the Pew Research Center. It includes an analysis of opinions about the likely expansion of the "Internet of Things", a catchall phrase for the array of devices, appliances, vehicles, wearable material, and sensor-laden parts of the environment that connect to each other
  • Cross-Screen Users Are All Over The Place
    According to comScore and Millennial Media, in a new Cross-Screen study to inform brands and marketers on who the new world of cross-screen users are, the types of content they are consuming, and how they are most likely to use a specific device (over another), women aged 25-49, 80% are cross-screen users and 11% are mobile-only users, making this demographic the largest spending time on mobile.
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment and Recovery
    According to a recent Whitepaper from Bronto data analysis, all online retailers experience shopping cart abandonment. In 2010, Forrester Research and MarketingSherpa reported abandonment rates of 55% and 52% respectively. More recent numbers from SeeWhy and Fireclick show abandonment rates are now hovering around 72%.
  • Marketing Management Needs Strategy, Insight, Analytics and Innovation
    According to a Spencer Stuart survey of more than 160 senior marketing leaders, reported by Arthur S. Brown, Grant Duncan, Thomas Seclow and Greg Welch, digital has become a key driver of business decisions across industries, with a significant number of those choices falling under the marketing function. Digital and its possibilities continue to impact the role of the CMO.
  • Social Exchanges Key To Retargeting Mobile
    According to a new study by Chango with Digiday, among 400 media buyers, agency executives and brand executives, retargeting via mobile devices is an industry wide challenge, but the study shows digital media buyers are experimenting with paid social exchanges to fill the gap left by cookies.
  • Who Ya Gonna Talk To When Prospecting?
    According to an infographic and study recently released by LeadJen, a B2B lead generation company, director level professionals in marketing organizations and those with functional responsibility for sales are most likely to respond to prospecting efforts from marketing technology vendors.
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