• Classics Account For More Than 300 Thousand Hours of Listening
    According to the latest release from Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings, three classical stations were ranked within the top 50 in the for the week of October 13. WQXR ranked number seven with 222,890 hours of Total Time Spent Listening (TTSL). AOL Classical 101 ranked number 33 with 75,405 hours of TTSL, and KING-FM ranked number 35 with 73,863 hours of TTSL.
  • Singles and Marrieds Surf on Different Waves
    According to the release of recent reports by Nielsen//NetRatings@Plan Fall 2003, married surfers took the lead in e-commerce activities. According to the data, 10 percent more married surfers made an online purchase than was expected as compared to the average. More than 52 percent of married surfers made an online purchase during the period as compared to 47 percent of singles making an online purchase.
  • PEW on Spam
    According to the latest Pew Internet and American Life Project reports, spam is beginning to undermine the integrity of email and degrade life online. The report goes on to conclude that "The huge increase in email spam in recent years is beginning to take its toll on the online world.
  • And You Thought Tampa/St.Pete Was For Retirees
    America Online and Digital Marketing Services recently surveyed kids between the ages of seven and twelve in the US to find that 46% go online four times during the week. Furthermore, the survey determined that 20% go online every day. As for the major US markets where most kids are using the Net most, AOL found that the Tampa/St. Petersburg area has the highest percentage of kids going online between five and seven days per week.
  • Simultaneous Media Use on the Rise
    The Simultaneous Media Usage Survey (SIMM), recently released by BIGresearch, showed that, of those who say they go online while watching television, 94 percent regularly or occasionally tune out mentally when a commercial comes on. Similarly, 95 percent of those who read the newspaper while watching television mentally tune out commercials. The solution for those trying to reach consumers, says BIG, is to plan for that disruption.
  • TV Commercials At Risk Within Four Years
    A recent Yankee Group press release identifies a subject worth looking into if skipping commercials is a future concern. Their report, "Death of the 30-Second Commercial," notes that Penetration of PVRs (personal video recorder) remains low, with less than 2 percent of U.S. homes owning one, but the growth rate is rising. The report evaluates the threat of PVRs, analyzes the prospects for television advertising, and appraises potential solutions for programmers and advertisers.
  • SurferNet Kids Are in the Swim
    Nielsen//NetRatings released a report that shows that in September, more than 27 million Internet kids between the ages of 2-17 logged online from home in September 2003... one out of five Web surfers. LIke the offline world, the 2-17 and 12-17 age demographics have markedly different online tastes.
  • Personal Finance, Health, Defense and Entertainment
    Personal finance takes precedence over health and defense in early October data from Nielsen//NetRatings. And, Windows outdid Disney for entertainment.
  • 150 Million Users on the Internet
    comScore Media Metrix announced that in September, the total number of U.S. Internet users passed the 150 million mark for the first time ever. Further, the total amount of time spent by Americans on the Internet grew by 3 percent in September, although the month of September is one day, or 3 percent, shorter than August.
  • One Out of Five Website Regulars Investigates Auto Sites
    According to a report on 49 metro markets by The Media Audit, more than 20 percent of all those who go online regularly or occasionally during an average weekday visit automotive web sites. "The audience numbers are surprisingly strong," says Bob Jordan, President of International Demographics, Inc.
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