• Plurals: America's Last Generation With Caucasian Majority
    Generations are not created by happenstance. Nor are they designated purely by a rigid range of years. Generations are formed, says Frank N. Magid Associates in an introduction to the Pluralist Generation by Magid Generational Strategies. A generations is formed, says the report, by a gestation of discernible patterns
  • One Out of Three Paid Search Clicks on Mobile
    According to the Kenshoo 2013 Global Online Retail Seasonal Shopping Report: Early Edition, retailers grew revenue from search advertising 19.1% YoY. They spent 34.1% more YoY but did so efficiently, boosting their click through rate (CTR) by 12.8% YoY to gain 26.9% more clicks YoY and slightly offset higher cost-per-click (CPC) rates.
  • Big Data in a Small Space
    According to an infographic by Gift-Library.com, pointing to the fact that ecommerce will one day overtake other forms of shopping, statistics about how the trend is moving show how global ecommerce retail sales will reach $1,321.4 trillion by 2016. This number is a 67% increase from 2011.
  • More Business Travel in 2014; Road Warriors Loyal to Airlines, Hotels
    According to a new survey conducted by Frequent Business Traveler in association with FlyerTalk, 35.7% of business travelers surveyed said they will travel more in the coming year than the current one, while 47.2% said they will travel the same amount. The survey also highlighted several trends in business travel
  • Keeping in Touch Globally Over the Holidays
    73% of consumers in 24 countries report they have ever 'used a mobile device to send a text greeting on a holiday or other special occasion because they were far away' and 65% said they have 'used a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) to take photos of gatherings' for communication with loved ones, such as family or friends.
  • New Years' Marketing Resolutions
    Apple, Lexus and Amazon.com have transcended prices and features to create compelling and fulfilling customer experiences, says the report. They've embraced the customer revolution and are raising customer expectations for every other business.
  • E-retailers Promo E-Mails Push Free Shipping and Dollars Off
    According to an analysis of data Internet Retailer collected on the top 1,000 North American e-retailers by 2012 sales, the 100 largest e-retailers by sales each sent 3,559 promotional e-mails, an average of 4.26 messages, to consumers in their databases during the first 12 days of December. The biggest e-mail senders sent 3.2 messages per day during the same period, twice the rate they e-mailed during the entire month of November.
  • Americans View Well-To-Do as Intelligent, Hardworking, but Greedy
    According to Pew Research Center surveys, the issue of income inequality is in the news at a time when the U.S. public believes there is a growing gulf between rich and poor that is likely to continue. A substantial majority of Americans (65%) said in 2012 that they believed the income gap between the rich and poor had widened over the last decade.
  • Premium Content Pay-TV Not Leveraged Effectively
    According to DigitalSmiths new report on key trends facing the media/entertainment industry today, the Q3 survey findings continue to support a positive trend for Pay-TV providers, showing that only 2.9% of respondents plan to cut their cable/satellite service in the next six months.
  • Consumer Multi-Channel Advertising Peaks Retail Selling
    According to the Walker Sands 2014 Future of Retail Study to help retail technology companies anticipate consumer behaviors, online shopping has reached a pivotal tipping point with less than 1% of consumers surveyed stating they never shop online.
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