• Digging Deep in Online Computers and Electronic News
    A more complete look at top sites this month, who's viewing, ad sizes and technologies to reach consumers.
  • Study Says Marketing Has A Negative Connotation
    In a talk by Yankelovich President J. Walker Smith, at a recent AAAA Conference, he addressed the growing intrusiveness of marketing and advertising that has pushed consumer resistance to an all-time high and caused marketing productivity to plummet, according to a proprietary study by Yankelovich Partners.
  • Keyword Search Continues Strong, Rich Media Usage Grows
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) released the Internet Ad Revenue Report showing that Rich Media advertising and Classifieds experienced healthy year-over-year growth, as overall industry revenues rose nearly twenty-one percent, ending 2003 at just under $7.3 billion. Thomas E. Hyland, Chair PricewaterhouseCoopers New Media Group, said "We look for the continued evolution of new and effective ad formats to aid in the growth of the sector, as marketers recognize the unique opportunities that are offered in the medium."
  • Google Picked Carefully to Compete
    In evaluating the electronic marketplace for growth opportunities, Google measured users and sites before selecting the email category in which to expand. In conclusioun, Dan Hess, senior vice president of comScore Networks, said "E-mail is a critical and time-intensive application, capturing significant share of mind among consumers. (This sends) a signal that Google will compete across a broad range of applications traditionally offered by portals."
  • The World According to Spanish or English Language News
    According to a report entitled "Changing Channels and Crisscrossing Cultures: A Survey of Latinos on the News Media," issued by the Pew Hispanic Center, many more Latinos get at least some of their news in both English and Spanish than in just one language or the other. Roberto Suro, director of the Pew Hispanic Center, said "How you get your news shapes how you see the world."
  • Local Markets Lead Radio Growth in 2004
    In a surprising twist, says the RAB, local radio revenue figures are rebounding faster and stronger than national, the sector that traditionally signals the healthy return of advertising. Both segments are expected to yield positive results in 2nd Quarter.
  • Executives Bullish on Global Economy But Concerned About Consumer Spending
    According to the McKinsey Global Survey of Business Executives, executives around the world voice cautious optimism on the economy. They're bullish on outsourcing and Asia but concerned about talent and capital. These are among the findings of a McKinsey Quarterly survey of some 7,300 senior executives from large and small companies.
  • San Diego Has The Fastest Web Users in the West
    comScore Networks most recent analysis of the broadband markets revealed that San Diego has become the first metropolitan market in which a majority of Internet users connected to the Web through a broadband connection rather than a narrowband service.
  • Online Retailers Multiply
    The e-tailing group 2004 study "The Merchant Speaks" reports that the number of retailers selling only online almost doubled from 2003, while the combination of Web, catalog plus store grew by more than one third.
  • Online Population Passes 200 Million For The First Time
    Nielsen//NetRatings reports that nearly 75 percent or 204.3 million Americans have access to the Internet from home. In comparison, Internet access penetration hovered around 66 percent in February 2003, rising nine percentage points year-over-year. "In just a handful of years, online access has managed to gain the type of traction that took other mediums decades to achieve," said Kenneth Cassar, director of strategic analysis, Nielsen//NetRatings.
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