Google Picked Carefully to Compete

Google Picked Carefully to Compete

In evaluating the electronic marketplace for growth opportunities, Google measured users and sites before selecting the email category in which to expand.

In conclusioun, Dan Hess, senior vice president of comScore Networks, said "E-mail is a critical and time-intensive application, capturing significant share of mind among consumers. (This sends) a signal that Google will compete across a broad range of applications traditionally offered by portals."

Top Properties February 2004

Unique Visitors (000) % Reach
Total Internet Users152,056100.0%
Yahoo! Sites109,63872.1%
Time Warner Network108,69771.5%
MSN-Microsoft Sites107,93071.0%
Google Sites61,21740.3%
Terra Lycos44,66329.4%
Amazon Sites35,87923.6%
Viacom Online28,33618.6%
Walt Disney Internet Group25,53516.8%

Source: comScore Media Metrix

E-Mail Category February 2004

Unique Visitors(000)% ReachAvg. Time Spent per Visitor
Total Internet Users152,056100.0%27.1 hrs
E-Mail Category108,34371.3%4.0 hrs
Yahoo! Mail52,66034.6%3.4 hrs
MSN Hotmail45,41729.9% 2.1 hrs
AOL Proprietary E-Mail40,21926.4%3.4 hrs

Source: comScore Media Metrix

Google Sites February 2004

Unique Visitors (000)
Google Sites61,217
Google Web Search55,198
Google Images14,232
Google Directory5,292
Google News3,129
Google Groups2,154

Source: comScore Media Metrix
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