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Jack Loechner is the Editor of The Center for Media Research's daily Research Brief. You can reach him at

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  • CPGs Plus Mobile Phones Seek Convenience Stores in Research Brief on 03/21/2018

    Online shopping and shifting consumer preferences, c-store retailers, and the CPG brands that sell products within them, are seeing real results from mobile offer campaigns.

  • Brand Loyalty Not A Millennial Trait in Research Brief on 03/20/2018

    Millennials are less brand loyal than preceding generations. A recent Daymon Worldwide global study showed that only 29% of millennials usually buy the same brand, compared with 35% of Gen Xers,

  • Alexa Makes Spending Easy in Research Brief on 03/19/2018

    Today, consumers only spend $2 billion through voice shopping with smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. But over the next few years, that amount is likely to soar,

  • Click And Collect Shopping in Research Brief on 03/16/2018

    Compared with all online shopping, the typical click and collect shopping basket is heavy on edibles like meat, produce, dairy and frozen foods. Dry grocery is important too, says the report, as it is included in 50% of click and collect shopping trips.

  • An Important Cohort Perspective in Research Brief on 03/15/2018

    According to Michael Dimock, President, Pew Research Center, generations provide the opportunity to look at Americans both by their place in the life cycle, whether a young adult, a middle-aged parent or a retiree, and by their membership in a cohort of individuals who were born at a similar time. Generational cohorts give researchers a tool to analyze changes in views over time, says the report.

  • Unstereotype Your Ads in Research Brief on 03/14/2018

    The report, which analyzed more than 2,000 films from Cannes Lions, revealed that men were 62% more likely to be shown as smart, and one in three men was shown to have an occupation compared to one in four women.

  • Tomorrow's Opportunity in Research Brief on 03/13/2018

    As the pace of change accelerates and the challenges facing businesses become more complex, leaders need new strategies, approaches and tools to navigate successfully into the future.

  • Walk Past The Cashier in Research Brief on 03/12/2018

    Amazon's pilot convenience store directs shoppers through an electronic glass gate activated by the store's app on their smart phones. When you walk out, it charges you and emails you a receipt.

  • Outsmart eCommerce Giants in Research Brief on 03/09/2018

    From new channels for shopping to industry consolidation, and a string of store closings, the shopping experience has changed substantially from just five years ago, says the report.

  • Americans Binge On Brunch in Research Brief on 03/08/2018

    Millions of Americans of all ages are blowing their cash in fancy brunch spots. Every age group admits to busting their budget on food and beverages.

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