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Jack Loechner is the Editor of The Center for Media Research's daily Research Brief. You can reach him at

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  • Curb Appeal For Grocery Orders in Research Brief on 08/15/2018

    Nielsen and FMI estimate that Americans' total online grocery spending will reach $100 Billion between 2021 and 2023. Food and beverage retail is the next big sector that will feel the influence of digital shopping

  • YOY Ad Spend Performance Predictor in Research Brief on 08/14/2018

    New data released by data science and marketing technology company, 4C Insights, disproves skeptics predicting a doomsday scenario for Facebook, revealing a 19% increase in ad spend on its core platform, and Instagram quarter-over-quarter and a 48% increase year-over-year.

  • Back-to-School Shopping More Expensive This Year in Research Brief on 08/13/2018

    Back-to-school season is upon us, says Retail Me Not, and parents are starting to shop for essential school supplies ranging from pens to apparel.

  • Augmented Reality vs Virtual Realty in Research Brief on 08/10/2018

    Augmented reality (AR) adds visual overlays on the physical world and is usually viewed through a smartphone. Virtual reality (VR) depicts a self-contained, navigable 3D world and is usually experienced through a specialized motion-detecting headset.

  • Digital and TV Advertising Overlap in Research Brief on 08/09/2018

    As consumer attention is increasingly split across screens, marketers are looking holistically at all touchpoints to find their audiences in the right place, at the right time. It's not enough anymore to look at digital media and TV advertising as separate channels.

  • Center Store Shopping in Research Brief on 08/08/2018

    The center of the store has faced some challenges in the past few years, says a new report by Nielsen. That doesn't mean, though, that consumers aren't interested in center store items.

  • Health Care Ads Produce Patients in Research Brief on 08/07/2018

    According to data released by Kantar Media from its 2018 MARS Consumer Health Study, US adults are increasingly looking for health information online, to the extent that half say the internet is the first source they go to when researching health and wellness.

  • Understanding Marketing And Media in Research Brief on 08/06/2018

    As marketing leaders head into next year's business planning and budgeting season, understanding the marketing and media landscape takes on added significance.

  • Down, But Not Out in Research Brief on 08/03/2018 Inc. kicked off its big Prime Day sales promotion with technical glitches on its website and app, threatening its 36-hour sales extravaganza.

  • Long Form Vertical Video in Research Brief on 08/02/2018

    Instagram recently launched IGTV, a new application allowing popular users to publish videos in excess of 60 seconds.

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