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Jack Loechner is the Editor of The Center for Media Research's daily Research Brief. You can reach him at

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  • Ambicultural Latinas At Forefront of Crossover Trend in Research Brief on 09/22/2017

    Hispanic women are rapidly becoming an economic and social powerhouse in the United States, with rising rates of entrepreneurship, educational attainment and delayed marriage, according to a recently released Nielsen report.

  • The Tech-savvy And Pragmatic YouTube Generation in Research Brief on 09/21/2017

    Generation Z is taking over the spotlight and making some serious waves in the process, says Monotype in an analysis of GenZ experience. GenZs are the first true digital natives, born between the late 1990's to the mid 2000's.

  • Top Performing Brands Get It in Research Brief on 09/20/2017

    Today's consumers expect strong mobile sites, want flexible fulfillment options, and use a variety of channels to research and make purchases. Brands must deliver and support if they want to stay competitive in today's retail environment.

  • Understand Your Prospect in Research Brief on 09/19/2017

    Marketers can't reach their goals without knowing exactly who their target audiences are and how those people make purchases.

  • Reach Audience First; Then Measure Results; Then Allocate $ in Research Brief on 09/18/2017

    More than three-quarters of survey respondents said that they look at the channels that best reach their target audience when determining media budget allocations.

  • Hispanic Holiday Shoppers Spending More in Research Brief on 09/15/2017

    The fast-growing Hispanic population, increasingly willing to spend both online and in stores, deployed about $1.4 trillion in buying power last year.

  • Making A List And Checking It Twice in Research Brief on 09/14/2017

    Retail Holiday Planning Playbook survey indicates that notes and wish lists might be transitioning to the digital stage.

  • Who's In Charge Here? in Research Brief on 09/13/2017

    Millennials are already taking their seats among Generation X and Baby Boomers at the buying table, making navigating the already complicated buying environment even harder, thanks to their different preferences.

  • Go! Mobile in Research Brief on 09/12/2017

    If you're an e-commerce business, this might be the most important question you must answer in the next five years.

  • I Didn't Know That! in Research Brief on 09/11/2017

    As online users bounce from desktop to mobile, cross-device tracking is now more than ever a crucial component for any digital marketing strategy.

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