Online Retailers Multiply

Online Retailers Multiply

The e-tailing group 2004 study "The Merchant Speaks" reports that the number of retailers selling only online almost doubled from 2003, while the combination of Web, catalog plus store grew by more than one third.

Sales Channel Combinations Used by Retailers in the US (% of respondents)

Internet only14%25%

Source: the e-tailing group, April 2003 & April 2004

Based on a 2004 survey of 300 senior executives working on e-commerce initiatives, the e-tailing group finds that 97% of US retailers are selling online and roughly an equal amount of retailers are also selling through catalogs and store channels.

Sales Channels Used by Retailers in the US (% respondents)


Source: e-tailing group April 2003, 2004

Multi-channel retail is key, especially considering the September 2003 findings from The Dieringer Research Group, which reported that not only did consumers spend over $93 billion online in the 12 months prior to the study, but they also spent over $137 billion offline on Internet-influenced purchases.

Internet-Influenced Offline Spending and Direct Online Spending (US Consumers. $ in billions)

  • Internet-influenced offline spending $137.6
  • Direct online spending $93.1

Source: the Dieringer Research Group, Sept 2003 You can find out more here at eMarketer.
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