• Financial Optimism Based on Age, Race and Income
    The MediaAudit/ International Demographics, Inc recently released a study based on the results of the question "Do you expect to be better off six months from now?" The study concludes, says Bob Jordan, co-chairman of International Demographics, that "It's become apparent over the years that the answer to this question is influenced by factors other than area economics or even individual financial prospects."
  • Reaching the Web Population
    Greeting cards on the Internet only add up to less than a tenth of the mail and messaging sites' activity in the second week of September.
  • Consumers Identify More With Value, Less With Specific Retailers
    According to the latest Retail Ratings Report from BIGresearch, when purchasing electronics, an increasing number of consumers are less concerned about where they shop than they are with finding value. In the September 2003 Retail Ratings Report, consumers were asked "where do you shop most often for electronics?" Of those surveyed, 22.2 percent said they had "no preference." That number is up from 13.7 percent in Sept. 2002.
  • Consumers Becoming More Comfortable With Interactive Television Advertising
    BrightLine's recently released study by Jacqueline Corbelli, Chief Executive Officer, and Robert Aksman, Analyst, comprised of analysis of industry and market research, reveals that interactive commercials and sponsored program enhancements are becoming integral to marketers' media planning. The study examines the degree to which consumer interest and technology deployments are influencing the pace of change.
  • Companies Expect Increased Marketing And Sales Budgets In 2004
    Mac McIntosh, publisher of Sales Lead Report, released the results of a survey of more than 3,900 senior marketing and sales professionals that showed that both departments are anticipating increased budgets in 2004 compared to 2003.
  • Up or Down?
    Christmas spending will be up according to the NRF, consumer confidence in the economy falls according to the Gallup Poll, but at the same time, most economic forecasters are talking about the economy having its best performance since 1999 during the last half of this year.
  • Internet Commerce, News & Information Sites
    Selected top Internet sites for the first week in September, and top Internet radio streamers in August
  • NRF Anticipates Healthy Holiday Sales Growth
    According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), total holiday retail sales are projected to grow by 5.7 percent over last holiday, bringing holiday spending to $217.4 billion. After more than a year of constant challenges, the retail industry is beginning to show strength, the announcement said. NRF "holiday retail sales" are sales in November and December for retail stores in the GAFS categories.
  • 'Fun' Camera Phones an Easy Sell
    From a recent release by In-Stat/MDR, eMarketer reports that 18.2 million camera phones were shipped worldwide in 2002, and 7.8 million in the first quarter of this year.
  • 108.4 Million TV Households in the U.S.
    According to Nielsen Media Research, the total number of television households in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) is estimated at 108,400,000. The new estimates took effect with the television week of September 1-September 7, 2003, meaning each national rating point will represent one percent of the total, or 1,084,000 television households.
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