• MySpace Is Everyone's Space
    According to a recent Hitwise competitive intelligence study, MySpace.com passed Yahoo! Mail in the first week of July, becoming the number one ranked website in the U.S. based on market share of visits. And, among Social Networking sites in June 2006, MySpace accounted for 79.9 percent of the total market share of visits.
  • Hey, Big Spender
    Adriana Waterston, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Horowitz Associates, says "...We know that historically, African-Americans are big spenders when it comes to television and entertainment services, and have been loyal to cable. This study shows indications that the competitive market for African-American subscribers is heating up, as it already has for Latino subscribers."
  • The 4.387 Billion Renminbi Internet Advertising Market in China
    According to Analysys International, Internet based provider of business information about technology, media and telecom industries in China, China's Internet advertising market will reach RMB 6.87 billion in 2008 as shown in its recently released report "China Internet Advertising Market Annual Report 2006". (That equates to .860 billion US ($860 million)
  • Gas Prices Not Everyone's Nemesis
    According to the BIGresearch August Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey of over 8,500 consumers, only 24% of households said high gas prices are having no impact on their spending. But when broken into income groups, 30% of those making more than $50K per year reported no major impact, compared to only 22% of consumers making less than $50K per year.
  • The South Sees the Fastest Asian Population Growth
    A valuable analysis of the recently recently released Census Bureau statistics from the American Community Survey (ACS) 2005, by Kang & Lee Advertising, shows that the three fastest growing Asian populations since 2000 are, in rank order, Asian Indians, Vietnamese, and Filipinos. Saul Gitlin, Executive Vice President, Strategic Services, Kang & Lee Advertising, said "The American Community Survey ...is an important 'bible' for companies active in the Asian American market in that it allows us to fine-tune our understanding of key market demographics...
  • Product Placement to Offset Ad-Skipping
    According to research released by PQ Media, global paid product placement spending surged 42.2% to $2.21 billion in 2005 with double-digit growth expected to continue in 2006 and beyond, as brand marketers scramble to effectively engage consumers worldwide. Patrick Quinn, president of PQ Media, said "Product placement has evolved from a novel marketing tactic to a key marketing strategy on a global scale, as brand marketers seek more effective methods to make important emotional connections with consumers... there is a new media order emerging worldwide in which fear of ad-skipping technology, doubts about traditional advertising's effectiveness, and declining government media …
  • Internet Becoming an Important Factor in American Politics
    Forty percent of voters in the 87 metropolitan markets surveyed regularly by The Media Audit describe themselves as heavy users of the Internet. What that portends, says Bob Jordan, president of International Demographics, is that "...the Internet is a very serious factor in American politics. The Internet doesn't just provide marketers' access to voters; it also provides voters' access to marketers, other voters and data."
  • Used Car Dealers Suffer from Web Offerings
    According to the just published World Association of Newspaper's third annual Digital Classified Survey, newspapers in developed countries increased overall revenues by 4.2 percent in 2005 from a year earlier. Revenues from print classified advertising increased by more than 5 percent during the period, a major improvement compared to the decline of 12 percent reported the previous year, when overall revenues grew by more than 4 percent.
  • eMail and Loyal Customer Promotions to Capture Christmas Business
    According to the latest study by Shop.org and Forrester Research, says Webtrends, the US eCommerce industry has experienced a compound annual growth rate of 33%. Forrester predicts that revenue in 2006 will continue to grow another 20% to top $200 billion. And, 41% of the retailers WebTrends surveyed said that the holiday season accounts for more than 20% of their annual revenue.
  • eBay Dominates Online Clothing and Accessories
    A deeper look into the sites, demographics, advertisers and ad methods and techniques for the Online apparel and beauty categories July, 2006
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