• eRetailer And The eCommerce Industries
    A just-released 2018 Amazon Report clearly shows how the e-retailing behemoth is changing itself and the e-commerce industries in which it competes, says the report.
  • Behind The Wheel
    Residents of Phoenix see driverless minivans from Google's Waymo, cruising around town like human intervention is no big thing. But the future of mobility doesn't just impact our cars. It impacts how we live and how we work.
  • Artificially Intelligent
    Traditionally, building effective ad creative has involved a lot of human guesswork, but AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is on the cutting edge of offering audiences ads they'll actually enjoy.
  • Laser+Energy=Medical Aesthetics
    A record 94 million people visited RealSelf, online cosmetic treatments marketplace, to research elective cosmetic treatments in 2017.
  • Better Behaved Generation
    This report, the latest in the Ipsos MORI Thinks series, pulls together existing and new analysis, as well as brand new research on this latest generation, to provide a better understanding of the initial signals on how they will be different to, or the same as, previous generations.
  • Know Your Audience
    Research revealed that 58% of marketing practitioners have intensified their focus on identity within the past year, and 47%plan to increase their investment in the coming 12 months.
  • Back-to-School Cars
    According to Nielsen Scarborough, 22% of U.S. households with a child in college are also planning to buy a new or used vehicle during the upcoming year.
  • Not Channel, But Service Shoppers
    For quite some time our industry has grappled a term to describe how people really shop. Omni-channel, channel-less, or post-channel.
  • Human Resource Report Card
    A distrust of HR is a common theme among users of our workplace community app, and workplaces in general. HR is often accused of protecting employers.
  • Designated Market Areas
    A monthly top-line demographic analysis of the most dynamic markets from Market Snapshots by Geoscape,® is part of an ongoing service providingunique data, analytics and actionable insights that will help target high-growth consumer segments, in this case, the Phoenix DMA. This month's market snapshot focuses on the Phoenix DMA, Designated Market Area: a region where the population can receive the same media offerings Highlights From The Report:
    • The Phoenix DMA is the eleventh largest DMA in the nation with a total population of over 5.5 million people
    • Over 27% of the Phoenix DMA is made up of …
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