• Consumers Will Spend 260% More for Internet Entertainment in Five Years
    According to Digital Lifestyles: 2006 Outlook, from Parks Associates, U.S. consumer spending for online entertainment, including on-demand gaming, music and video services, will grow by 260% in the next five years. Driven by broadband usage and innovations in digital entertainment platforms and content services, revenues will grow from $2.4 billion in 2006 to nearly $9 billion in 2010.
  • E-Commerce Fraud Highest in New York City, Miami and Los Angeles
    In a recently released fraud survey by CyberSource to determine where online orders were most likely made with stolen credit cards or other fraudulent payment, New York City topped the list with 18% of the respondents.
  • Top Online Health, Fitness and Nutrition Destinations
    A drill-down to examine demographics, advertising, advertisers, ad sizes, types and delivery for online health, fitness and nutrition.
  • Stern Swears Sirius Serious
    EMarketer writes that satellite radio had another big fourth quarter, consolidating a big year. The total number of subscribers for XM and Sirius reached over 9 million, more than double the number of paying listeners from the year before, says the report.
  • Business Publication Editors Strive for Updated Editorial Ethics
    Robin Sherman, Associate Director, Newsletter Editor for the American Society of Business Publication Editors, recently reported on a new study from the ASBPE examining the attitudes and behavior surrounding editorial ethics. Roy Harris, senior editor of CFO magazine, said "Our study reflects ASBPE's need to base the revision of our own code on the needs that our members see. The current media environment invited a survey, too, with new controversy raging over product placement by advertisers and over activities among journalists at reputable news organizations that are questionable at best."
  • Three-out-of-Five Marketing Executives Working With Bigger Budgets in 2006
    The BtoB online survey "2006 Marketing Priorities and Plans" of 366 senior marketing executives, conducted during the last week of November and the first week of December, found that 60.7% will be working with bigger budgets in 2006, reported Kate Maddox of BtoBOnline. 31.6% said their budgets would be flat. And only 7.7% said their budgets would decrease. The optimism is eleven points over last year.
  • Information Technology Spending to Grow in 2006
    According to the IDC FutureScan, all the indicators depict an expectation of 5% growth in U.S. IT spending this year. The report says that buyer expectations come in with an index value of 1047 (4.7% expected growth), vendor revenue forecasts come in at 1045, and the macroeconomic indicator at 1059.
  • Besides Christmas, Sports Played an Important Part In the Week of December 25th
    A deep drill-down into advertising, advertisers, viewer demographics, sites, ad types, sizes and technology for online sports and sports entertainment.
  • Science Trumps Fad In New Year's Wellbeing Resolutions
    According to their recent report, visits to the Hitwise Health and Medical - Wellbeing category, which contains diet, health and fitness sites, increased by 8 percent in the final week of 2005 compared to the final week of 2004. Losing weight and getting in shape are among the most popular New Year's resolutions, and as seen in previous years, the Internet continues to play a pivotal role in providing guidance for slimming down and shaping up.
  • Turnaround in Terrestrial Radio
    According to initial results from a continuing Audience Attrition project by Bridge Ratings & Research, audience erosion from terrestrial radio, due to less time spent with AM/FM radio and more time spent with a variety of digital media, including MP3 players (including iPods), Internet radio, and satellite radio, has returned somewhat in the 4th quarter of 2005.
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