• "eat mor chikn" Only Making Slight Dent
    New research from Mintel shows that 39% of beef and other red meat consumers ate less in 2013 than they did in 2012. But despite prevalent health trends encouraging consumers to eat less red meat, 90% of consumers are eating some kind of red meat at least once a month.
  • Ad Types Most Effective For Mobile
    CTR performance overall for mobile expandable banners outperform polite banners, 0.63% to 0.28%. Within expandable banners, the verticals that did the best job generating user expansions include entertainment (9.0 %), electronics (8.9 %) and automotive (5.5 %). Both expandable banner and polite banner formats beat out mobile standard banner performance, which earned a 0.09 % CTR.
  • Can You Measure Engagement?
    Nearly two decades into the growth of online advertising, "engagement" is still one of the most used, yet least understood terms Even as the industry agrees there is a need for simple, universal definitions, the term remains historically rooted in metrics such as click through rate.
  • Millennials Pushing Marketers to Rethink
    Boston Consulting Group (BCG) research, reported by Christine Barton, Lara Koslow and Christine Beauchamp, acknowledges that success in marketing to U.S. Millennials, those 18 to 34 years old, will be critical to companies across product and service categories. Millennials represent the consumer market of the future, accounting for an estimated $1.3 trillion in direct annual spending.
  • Digital Shoppers Expect Cross-Channel Consistency
    According to the findings of a new IBM study of more than 30,000 global consumers, the percentage of consumers willing to share their current location via GPS with retailers nearly doubled year-over-year to 36%. 38% of consumers would provide their mobile number for the purpose of receiving text messages and 32% would share their social handles with retailers.
  • Traditional Media Yields Extraordinary ROI For SMBs
    According to the BIA/Kelsey Local Commerce Monitor, SMBs reported using an average of 7.6 different media to advertise or promote their businesses. 30% of the SMBs surveyed reported using broadcast, 57% use directories, and 65% use print/outdoor media to promote their business.
  • Uncool Data and Social Media Sharing
    According to the Truth About Privacy study by McCann Worldgroup, U.S. consumer attitudes and behavior related to both data sharing and social media oversharing, have shifted significantly just within the last two years, but is most pronounced among teens, whose migration across social media channels reflects growing concerns about bullying in addition to evolving opinions about what's cool or not.
  • Such A Deal
    According to analysis by Experian Marketing Services, retailers have increasingly moved from more seasonal discounts and sales to endless promotions. And retailers give deals to those who don't need or seek them, ultimately missing out on profits that were theirs for the taking.
  • Credit Cards and Cash Still Favored Over Digital Wallets
    The Harris Poll of 2,383 adults wonders if after holiday shopping, or ordering a drink at your favorite coffee shop, you settle the bill with a simple tap of your smartphone against the merchant's point-of-service terminal. The technology is already here, albeit at an emerging level, says the report about the poll findings.
  • Ages Apart, But Similar Shoppers
    A new study of Millennial and Boomer purchasing trends, conducted by Radius Global Market Research suggests that conventional wisdom says that Millennials (18-32 year olds) and Boomers (49-67 year olds) are more different than alike. But when it comes to shopping, the study found that while there are certainly differences, there are also some significant similarities between the two groups.
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