• Viewers 35+ Drive Long-Form Video Streaming
    According to Nielsen Online, YouTube continued to rank as the No. 1 video Web brand with 5.5 billion total streams in April. Meanwhile, Hulu continued its explosive growth, increasing 490 percent in total streams year-over-year, from 63.2 million in April 2008 to 373.3 million in April 2009, making it the fastest growing brand among the top 10
  • Social Media For Commercial Decisions
    A new report by Knowledge Networks reports that 83% of the Internet population (ages 13 to 54) participates in social media, with 47% on a weekly basis. However, less than 5% of social media users regularly turn to these sites for guidance on purchase decisions in any of nine product/service categories. In addition, only 16% of social media users say they are more likely to buy from companies that advertise on social sites.
  • Advertising Growth Spreads in All Mobile Formats
    According to the quarterly Mobile Advertising Report by Brightkite and GfK Technology, 38% of US mobile phone owners recall seeing advertising on their cell phones in the first quarter of 2009, although for Smartphone (such as iPhone) users, 59% recalled seeing mobile advertising. For iPhone users, the number one format for seeing ads is mobile web advertising, while for other Smartpphone users, it is SMS. Overall awareness of mobile phone ads has risen in the twelve months, the survey of 1,000 users found, increasing from 6.8% of the user population in Q1 2008 to 10.8% a year later.
  • Single Column Lists Take More Pages, But Achieve Better Results
    A new study by the Catalyst Group, using Eye Tracking and Usability techniques to compare two popular types of list layouts, determined that one was clearly more effective than the other. Although a 1-Column layout is a simpler design that requires more scrolling, and in generally took more time to review, the Eye Tracking study indicates that this is a much more effective layout for accurately accomplishing the key networking goals of scanning a list from which to select people, or, by extension, make a selection.
  • Advertise or Die
    According to a new Ad-ology Research study, "Advertising's Impact in a Soft Economy," more than 48% of U.S. adults believe that a lack of advertising by a retail store, bank or auto dealership during a recession indicates the business must be struggling. Conversly, a vast majority perceives businesses that continue to advertise as being competitive or committed to doing business.
  • Email Performing; New Tactics Abound
    According to Internet Retailer's new e-mail marketing survey of web-only retailers, chain retailers, catalogers and consumer brand manufacturers, 56.4% of retailers report their typical sales conversion rate for an e-mail marketing campaign remains about the same compared with last year. More than one quarter of survey respondents, though, report conversion is up, 22.8% say up slightly and 3.7% up significantly, Only 17% report conversion is down, 13.7% say down slightly, and 3.3% down significantly.
  • Blogs Trusted Source For Women
    According to The 2009 Women in Social Media Study by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners, 64% of women are nearly twice as likely to use blogs than social networking sites as a source of information, 43% for advice and recommendations and 55% for opinion-sharing, while they 75% are 50 percent more likely to turn to social networking sites as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family.
  • Continued Growth Expected for Video Ads
    According to BrightRoll's Q1 2009 Video Advertising Report, polling nearly 150 US advertising agencies with a special focus on video advertising, 87% of agency executives plan to spend more of their online advertising budgets on video in 2009, EMarketer predicts Online video advertising to grow 45% in 2009, reaching $850 milion, and 71% of survey respondents view online video advertising as a complementary medium to television.
  • Online Helps Offset Decline in Media Company Revenue Last Year
    According to American Business Media's 2009 Media Financial Survey, B2B media company revenue declined 2.2% in 2008 versus 2007, but revenue growth in online, live events, and data products helped offset declines in revenue for magazines. B2B media company profitability contribution (revenue less operating expenses) declined 7.8% in 2008 versus 2007.
  • Selective Appeal Confirmed (Again)
    A survey by Lightspeed Research and the Internet Advertising Bureau concludes that the Online audience relates most to advertising that is relevant, useful and incentified with special offers, but there are key differences by age group when developing creative executions. The survey found that money-off particularly appeals to 18-35 year olds who are more interested in special offers, the entertainment factor, and exclusive information.
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