• Focus On Mobile And Product Drives Q2 Digital Ads
    Increased emphasis on mobile and product-focused ads drove spending growth in both social (40%) and paid search (10%) year-over-year (YoY). And Social, Mobile ad spending increased 51% YoY, accounting for 79% of total spend in the quarter.
  • "Pushing" Pays Off
    Urban Airship analyzed the 90-days after first app open for 63 million new app users, comparing retention rates of those who received push notifications with those who did not. The report shows how to keep users engaged and decrease user churn, as well as Retail specific highlights.
  • Personalization Perks Performance
    According to a new study by KIBO, however you define conversions, whether by revenue, downloads, or sign ups, the right personalization will dramatically improve them. Forrester Research finds that 68% of firms in a Forrester survey state that delivering personalized experiences is a priority.
  • Younger Shoppers Heavily Influenced By Social Media
    One in five GenZers, or 21%, say that Snapchat influences their purchase decisions, twice as much as their millennial counterparts,.
  • Email From 3.7 Billion Users
    Email is projected to surpass 3.7 billion users in 2017, which is almost half the world's population. No other marketing platform comes close to the unprecedented reach of email.
  • AI-Driven Personal Assistant Apps Shaping Digital Consumer Habits
    Consumer habits are changing faster than before, aided by an increasingly novel technologies and shorter device innovation cycles.
  • An Industrial Revolution Or Just Smart Business?
    The report from HPE focuses on why so many SMBs are moving ahead with IoT in light of the complexity that it represents, and how the changes, driven by IoT technology, will play out for SMBs who want to leap-frog their competition.
  • Six Second Ads Require New Storytelling Format
    Fox Networks Group announced it would start supporting the six-second unskippable ad format, following YouTube's example.
  • Women In Internet Technology Speak Up
    The Harris Poll reported that women of all backgrounds "...experienced and observed significantly more unfair treatment overall than men..."
  • Online Ads Overtake TV
    With projections for online and offline media advertising markets through 2021, online advertising has already overtaken TV advertising in size, a much more bullish estimate than in last year's report.
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