• Look Who Came To Dinner
    In Europe, Chinese giant Alibaba is one to watch, says RSR. Most of "us," says the report, put Alibaba out of their heads, as it was hard to understand what the website stood for, and there was NO evidence of its Chinese roots.
  • Make No Mistakes
    83% of B2B marketers use social media networks for traffic/client generation, making it the No. 1 preferred tactic.
  • Back to School Shopping Season is Off to an Early Start
    Mid-July has become the unofficial kickoff of the back-to-school shopping season, with consumers and retailers alike taking note.
  • Teens and Tech
    Teens and Tech, 2018 Update. Russell says that "Every few years Pew Research Center surveys the use of technology by teenagers aged 13 to 17. Here are some of the latest findings"...
  • Broadcast Station M&As TV Driven
    Merger and acquisition activity totaled $5.11 billion in the second quarter of 2018, the biggest quarter since second quarter 2007.
  • A Primer To Grow Your Business
    How to get your business in front of a vast digital audience, there are six important digital marketing channels you should be utilizing to grow your business.
  • Discount Management Syndome
    Discount management is returning to the center stage of commercial management in enterprise software
  • The Shifting Retail Landscape
    Why has the retail industry been hit so hard in times of the "Amazon boom?" Is it from a lack of adjustments or simply a sign of the times?
  • Global, Mobile, Digital Ecosystem Adoption Paradigm Shift
    The report provides a view on what may happen, what could likely occur as a consequence, and the likely implications for various types of ecosystem players.
  • Record Breaking Digital
    Advertising industry experts predicted that investments in digital media would rise considerably in 2018, as advertisers pulled budgets away from radio, TV, and print in May and June, writes
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