• Who's Talkin' to the Customers?
    Who's Talkin' to the Customers?

    Magazine Publishers of America released advertising figures through PIB for the month of October, and year-to-date on November 9th, for 1400 magazines from more than 240 publishing companies proving that print still makes the world go 'round. Nina Link, CEO of MPA, said that the month of October demonstrated that success in categories such as Technology, Media & Advertising and Apparel underscores the power of magazines as a strong advertising medium to reach consumers.

    We are not intending to preach to the choir, but rather serve up the latest measurement of who's in ...

  • Comparison Shoppers
    Comparison Shoppers

    Traditional retailers should take heart based on a new shopping study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation International, for SuperPages.com as reported by Internet News. But they have to be value oriented competitors! The October study shows that although many consumers go online, they use the Web to window-shop, conduct research and make comparisons, but its their local brick-and-mortar merchants who they buy from.

    According to the study:

    - 21 % of respondents characterize their shopping behavior as researching online and buying locally. - 65 % are sticking with researching and buying at a local retailer. ...

  • Fair Warning
    Fair Warning

    A release from Reuters, as reported in excite.com news, says that growth rates are forecasted to slow and unemployment seen rising as seen by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

    In its quarterly Survey of Professionals, the Philadelphia Fed said gross domestic product (GDP) would average 3.3 percent in 2001. This is a decline from the 5.2 percent growth rate forecasters expect for this year.

    Along with the slowdown in growth, the economists said the nation's jobless rate would average 4.2 % in 2001 vs. a 30-year low of 3.9 % now. Forecasters said the ...

  • A study from Adrelevance
    A study from Adrelevance, released November 20th, announced that the number of new companies advertising online has more than doubled since January - growing by 157 percent over the past ten months

    Top-line findings from the research include:

    - The number of new companies advertising online is growing at an average rate of 14% per month.

    - 24% of all web advertisers in the month of January 2000 (3,963 companies) were new to the web. - Traditional advertisers accounted for approximately 41% of the top 100 new online advertisers in January 2000, but are close to 50 ...

  • The Knight Ridder News Service reports that at the AdTech conference in New York a proliferation of companies promised advertisers that they can find customers eager to get e-mail on subjects they are passionate about with "Opt-In" e-mailing.

    A confluence of factors is driving the demand. Companies are desperate for alternatives to banner ads. E-mailers have learned to ask customers for their permission to send e-mail. And there's ever-improving technology to track which e-mail recipients clicked, who bought something and who was unresponsive. Companies can use technology to cherry-pick customers and track how well the recipients are responding after ...

  • Plastic or Paper?
    Plastic or Paper?

    Perhaps this information, as a planning tool, is somewhat focused on agencies with clients in financial services, or those in online retailing, but it is also interesting to visit the "security psyche" of the American consumer as well...

    In a survey completed by Bruskin Research for MerchantOnline in September, and reported by Direct Newsline as presented here, they found that consumers are still leery of buying online, especially with a credit card.

    The report shows that three in five Internet users fear that their credit card number could be stolen when used to make ...

  • Spanning (a part of) The Globe
    Spanning (a part of) The Globe

    From the U.S.Newswire comes a release by the National Association of Realtors describing a positive forecast for all of "The Americas" for the upcoming year. While our media research has focused primarily on the contiguous states, there's no doubt that in this age of communications what's just over the horizon will influence our economies as well as our merchandising and advertising.

    Here's a snapshot of some of the Association's findings and projections...

    The president of the professional real estate association in Brazil, said that "Brazil accounts for 33 percent of all ...

  • Accountability and effectiveness of online advertising
    There has to be a reason for The Center For Media Research to include Research Briefs on the subject of the size and type of popular ads online. Though it's "data" to appreciate what's happening all around you, it is equally as important to understand the reasoning behind the ad selections that are being made, and where to run them.

    The following excerpts are from an article by Jason Black covering a round table discussion, conducted by Internet World, with a panel of experts covering a range of topics from the accountability and effectiveness of online advertising to the ...

  • "Standard" Banners
    A recently released report from AdRelevance, determines that "standard" banners on websites account for only 37% of the impressions, though 80% of the advertisers online include them! This study finds that buttons and off size (or shape) banners develop almost 2/3 of the impressions.

    Key findings from the AdRelevance Special Report include:

    - Though the full banner accounts for the largest number of ads per company (18.3 average), it gets far less exposure than other ad types, based on impressions per ad. - GIF animation is the most prevalent ad technology, used in approximately 19 of every 25 ...

  • Don’t Blink
    Don’t Blink

    An article on November 12th in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette describes not only the new phenomenon of traveling billboards, but some of the details of implementation by J.B. Hunt Transport Services in conjunction with Transport Media Network in Madison, WS. In this case, billboards are more than stationary features on the landscape: They're passing drivers, waiting at red lights and parked at truck stops all over the country. It’s truly a focused medium.

    Traveling advertisements are already a common sight on urban passenger buses. Now advertisers will have an opportunity to take them a step further. Advertising ...

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