• Internet Radio Listening Index Continues to Rise
    MeasureCast, Inc. reported that the Christian music format is finding a home on the Internet. The Educational Media Foundation (EMF) placed two stations in the MeasureCast Weekly Top 25 ranking of Web radio stations during the week of Aug. 12 - 18. K-LOVE and Air 1 stations, both Contemporary Christian Music stations in Sacramento, Calif., took third and sixteenth place respectively.
  • Career Searching Outpaces Education 2nd Week in August
    According to Nielsen//NetRatings data for the week ending August 11th, career building and job searching are the predominant sites in these categories, with women more aggressive. Entertainment looks like sports and games, but the demographics are clouded!
  • Multi-Channel Shopping for Home Electronics
    According to the 2002 Customer Focus report commissioned by Vertis, US adults say they research products online and then buy them at actual brick-and-mortar stores. Vertis found that this percentage rises substantially for specific home electronics such as MP3 players and home theaters. Only a few consumers prefer to research at a store and purchase online in general, but more will do so for home theaters (24%) and for digital TVs and/or high definition TVs (18%).
  • CRM No Longer The Hottest Topic
    CRM will show a modest growth over the next five years, according to the research report from Forrester Research "CRM's Future: Humble Growth through 2007." Analyst Bob Chapman made several key findings: - Consulting firm growth will drive CRM's services segment. Already, these firms make up amore than half of the market. - The CRM apps category will show a jump from 6.8% in 2003 to 14% in 2004, but will then taper off by 2007.
  • Ad Clutter Diminishes Performance
    In a recent communiqué from BURST!Media, they reported on the clutter of ad impressions on the Internet and their impact on perceptions and retention. BURST pointed out that overall online advertising impressions jumped 77% year-over-year to 94.2 billion impressions in May, as compared to 53.2 billion ad impressions a year ago. As a consequence, the company recently surveyed nearly 3,000 web users with the purpose of better understanding two things: how clutter impacts the web users Internet experience, and its impact on their perception of advertisers.
  • Economic & Consumer Insights for Marketing Executives
    Consumer confidence continues to fall ... For the 5th consecutive month consumer confidence declined in August to lowest level of the year. 28.9% are confident/very confident about chances for a strong economy this year vs. 40.8% in July. Majority of consumers continue to think it will take more than 6 months for economy to get back to normal, 62.7% in August up slightly from July's 61.4%.
  • This Is Not Blarney
    Though Ireland’s population of 18 to 24 year olds will shrink by 100,000 over the next decade, don’t rule them out as a market force, says the Amarach Consulting Report, "Decoding the Irish Youth Market." The report says this market is worth over $4.84 billion USD. Discretionary income goes first to beer, but food, transportation and cell phone bills are also major expenses.
  • Internet Radio Listening Is Primarily A Work-Hour Phenomenon
    MeasureCast, Inc. reported that, for the week of July 29, the Educational Media Foundation (EMF), which streams Christian music format stations K-LOVE Radio, Air 1 Radio, and World Wide Worship, broke into the MeasureCast Top 10 Internet Radio Networks ranking by streaming 250,494 hours of music to 27,906 listeners.
  • Consumers, Credit Cards and Direct Mail Promotion
    According to a new survey from Vertis, conducted by Marshall Marketing and Communication as reported in DirectNewsline, a significant majority of consumers still use direct mail as their primary way of finding out about new credit card programs.
  • Cars and Computers
    eBay motors reached four times as many consumers than the Ford Motor Company in the first week of August, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. 25 to 50 year olds comprise better than half of the audience, with men dominating. In computers and electronics, Microsoft reached more than 1/3 of the market.
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