• Car Ads Braking
    According to an Insights Brief from Jon Swallen, SVP Research, Kantar Media, automotive advertising, which has been at the forefront of the recovery in ad spending, has slowed sharply during the second quarter. After a 20% jump in category spending for 2010 and a 23% increase during Q1 2011, growth rates are now pacing at one-fourth to one-half these prior levels according to preliminary data from April-May.
  • Marketing Expectations in 2011
    According to the CMO Council's Marketing Outlook 2011 study, as marketing budgets are on the rise, the key management mandate to marketers is to drive top-line growth and market share while better defining the brand and value proposition. 57% of senior-level marketers say they are increasing their overall marketing spend in 2011 as 26% plan to increase budgets between 1% and 5%, according to the report.
  • Not Quite Ready For Prime Time
    According to a new Accenture survey, 91% of senior executives of media and entertainment companies admit that they are not taking full advantage of customer data that can deliver customized content, leaving them ill-prepared to seize the revenue opportunities of today's digital technologies. And, a startling 95% of the executives surveyed indicated that they did not have strong digital customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities in place, though 58% say they are in the early stages of developing such capabilities.
  • Internet Yellow Pages Thrives on Reputation
    According to The State of Local Search study by comScore, new data show local searches now account for 13% of all core search activity on top web search portals as of January 2011. Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and local search sites also exhibited strong growth with 5.6 billion local searches in 2010, a 15% increase over 2009 Neg Norton, President, Local Search Association, "... convenience, trust, and brand are all important in attracting the search... local search providers that offer all three attributes to the consumer will be in a good position to deliver to the advertiser... "
  • Global Advertising Back To The Future
    According to ZenithOptimedia, global ad expenditure will grow by 4.1% in 2011, just 0.1 percentage points below the prediction made in April. It will return to $471 billion (U.S), the level it reached in 2008 before the recession. The ad market continues to recover from the 2009 recession, but growth has dipped this year in response to economic pressures, natural disaster and political disruption. More robust growth is forecast to resume in 2012 and 2013.
  • Print Pervasive and Persuasive, But Digital Overtaking
    According to new research from Nielsen, reported by Todd Hale, SVP Consumer & Shopper Insights, 60% of shoppers from the survey say they look at printed paper material either mailed to the home or in newspapers at least once per week. With 82% of Americans online, 93% owning mobile phones and 155 million using Facebook, access to digital technologies is pervasive, yet retailers still spend an estimated 60-70% of their marketing budget on printed ad circulars.
  • Shopper Decision Priorities Vary By Product Category and Gender
    According to the 2011 edition of The NPD Group Brand Landscape Report, taking an in-depth look at what goes into purchase decisions being made by today's shoppers, when shoppers of both genders decide to purchase a consumer electronics product the most important thing to them is that the product be the same brand as something they already own.
  • The Economics of Cohabitation
    According to June 2011 data from the Pew Research Center, cohabitation is an increasingly prevalent lifestyle in the United States. The share of 30- to 44-year-olds living as unmarried couples has more than doubled since the mid-1990s. Adults with lower levels of education, without college degrees, are twice as likely to cohabit as those with college degrees. Among 30-to-44-year-old US adults, college graduates who are not married but cohabiting with a partner earn more than any other married, cohabiting or single adults in this age group. In 2009, these adults earned an average of $106,400 per year. The analysis …
  • In-Person Or Virtual Event?
    The Professional Convention Management Association, UBM Studios, and the Virtual Edge Institute released a joint report, revealing the business motivations and social behaviors of attendees and exhibitors when participating in physical or online events. Michael Doyle, executive director of VEI, says that "...Too often the argument centers on how face-to-face or virtual best delivers on an event experience... there are significant similarities... (but) fundamental differences... regardless of format... this report will help... look at the combined effect of wrapping a digital event strategy around physical events and meetings... "
  • What Radio Consumers Are Reading
    RBR-TVBR, in conjunction with the database at BIGresearch, explores the confluence of radio listeners with other media to determine what the fans of a particular style of radio program like to read (print or electronic). Knowing the habits of the consumer that has loyalty to a particular format opens the door for cross marketing and advertising, says the report.
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