• Mobile Users Shop From Home
    According to AOL, in conjunction with the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science, 31% of conversions across four verticals occurred while on a mobile device. Over the past year, the cross-industry conversion rate for mobile grew 28%.
  • Internet Pay TV Grows At The Expense of Cable and Satellite
    According to a new report from IHS, amid a plunge in subscribers for cable, and now satellite providers, Internet protocol television was the only segment of the U.S. pay-TV market to achieve growth in the second quarter.
  • Target Email With Individualized Demographics
    According to the SimpleRelevance analysis of data across all clients, most consumers have very limited windows of time throughout the day that they are receptive to taking action on email, and they almost never act on emails outside of these time windows.
  • Almost Half of Brand Emails Opened on Mobile
    According to a new Yesmail Interactive bench mark study, directing marketers' attention to the components of their email programs that best reflect their customers' preferences and shifting patterns of brand interaction, 61% of consumers are now viewing email either exclusively on a mobile device or using both mobile and desktop devices interchangeably.
  • Multi-Channel Video Subscribers Down; Industry Levels Off
    According to the Leichtman Research Group, the thirteen largest multi-channel video providers in the US, representing 94% of the market, lost 345,000 net additional video subscribers in the 2ndQ of 2013. In 2ndQ 2012 and in 2ndQ 2011, the multi-channel video industry lost 325,000 subscribers.
  • Digital Newsies, Using Smartphones with Tablets, More Than Doubled in 2013
    No longer a harbinger, but certainly timely, a study by the Reynolds Journal Institute shows that, among respondents who had used a tablet and/or a smartphone during the week prior to taking the surveys, the percentage of news consumers who used both devices more than doubled, increasing from 21% in 2012 to 46% in 2013.
  • Social Networking Captures Almost 3/4 of US Adults
    According to the PEW Research Center, as of May 2013, 72% of online U.S. adults use social networking sites, up from 67% in late 2012, and 8% in 2005. In asking about general usage of social networking sites in this survey, the study found that 18% of online adults are now Twitter users.
  • Digital Media For On-The-Go Consumers Leads Global Growth
    According to the PQ Media Global Consumer Usage of Digital Media Forecast 2013-17, consumer digital media usage worldwide is on pace to grow 11.8% in 2013, driven by double-digit gains in time spent with 14 of the 21 online, mobile and other digital media channels.
  • Mobile Advertisers Driving Foot Traffic And Site Traffic
    According to a Millennial Media/comScore Study, mobile phone penetration is nearing 100% of the world's population, with more devices than people. As a result, mobile consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with shopping and spending on their mobile devices. Retail m-commerce dollars currently account for 11% of total digital retail spend.
  • How Long Is Too Long?
    According to an Ifbyphone benchmarking analysis of how to best handle calls from prospects and customers, about 60% of the calls in the queue were answered, and were answered in just over a minute, across all four sizes of businesses ranging from small to extra large.
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