• Mobile Use Impacts Digital Marketing, But Budgets Lag
    According to a study from Econsultancy and SEMPO, summarized by Marketing Charts, the increased use of mobile by consumers is having a significant impact on a variety of digital marketing efforts. Describing the impact of trends and technologies on paid search, SEO, display, social media marketing, and email marketing, consumers' mobile use topped the impact rankings.
  • TV Drives Conversation on Facebook
    Social TV analytics has moved from the media lab to mainstream media research in just four years, says SecondSync director Graham Lovelace, playing a leading role in pioneering the real-time, big data analysis of social interactions mapped to TV programs.
  • Millennials Influenced By Peers; Women Share More
    According to a January 2014 Harris Poll for The Webby Awards, and summarized by eMarketer, 68% of 18-to-34-year-old social media users surveyed were somewhat likely to make a purchase after seeing a friend's post, but 78% of social media users 65 and older were not at all likely to make a purchase based on their friends' posts.
  • Four of Five American Consumers Ignore Online Ads Most Frequently
    According to the results of the first annual Goo Online Advertising Survey, from Goo Technologies, 82% of Americans ignore online ads, ahead of television ads at 37%. 92% of Americans ignore at least one type of ad seen every day across six different types of media.
  • Reaching Millennials With Mobile
    Millennials are the most informed consumer group, partly because they're the first tech-native generation. Thanks to digital and mobile innovation, millennials have instant access to almost everything in the palm of their hands. They rely on technology to discover the price of your product, your competitors' products, and what friends think about it via social before making a purchase
  • Consumers Don't Know How To Protect Online Privacy
    73% of Americans online are concerned about the privacy of their email communications. Among those who have not taken any steps to protect their privacy online, 38% said they don't know how and 46% don't know where to begin.
  • Marketing Automation For Leads Tops Buyers' Needs
    According to Software Advice, 91% of buyers are evaluating marketing automation software for the first time, with lead nurturing topping the list of desired capabilities among buyers, ahead of marketing analytics and lead scoring.
  • Among 32 Million Supermarket Shoppers, Every Household "Buyergraphic" Is Different
    A new study by Catalina, Engaging the Selective Shopper, looks at the purchasing choices of American shoppers across available UPCs on supermarket store shelves. Across tens of millions of shoppers, no two consumers are the same based on their purchases.
  • Who Do You Trust?
    According to a recent Harris Poll, 48% of American adults trust the federal government to handle personal information privately and securely, down from 54% in 2009. Trust in the federal government is highest among those ages 18-34 years old, and lowest among those 55 and older,
  • Tablet And Phone Retail Purchasing Tops $60 Billion
    According to a new study, by Javelin Strategy & Research, 2013 marked an important mobile payment's "first," with tablet payments comprising almost half of all mobile commerce. In 2013, tablets accounted for a massive $28.7 billion in mobile online commerce, or over 50% of the entire mobile online payments space.
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