• Web Based Research
    Web Based Research

    An article in American Demographics in November reports that an increasing number of marketers, recognizing that research speed online has value, are moving more of their research dollars onto the Web. Since the pros and cons of Online Research has come under observation in prior Briefs in this column, this article in it's entirety makes for good reading to understand how market research firms are utilizing unique approaches in addressing some of the criticisms.

    Inside Research, an industry newsletter, indicates that the value of online research conducted by 29 of the largest market research companies ...

  • Survival of the Weakest?
    Survival of the Weakest?

    A recent article in eMarketer by David Halprin, Sr. Market Analyst at eMarketer, discusses the impact of advertising dollars spent Online on traditional advertising media. While the growth "rate" of Online advertising has been in the triple-digits, actual growth of web advertising as a percentage of total advertising will go from 1.6% in 1999 to over 10% in 2005.

    Halprin says that reviewing forecasts for advertising spending across all media provides a foundation for a discussion on whether or not the web will cannibalize traditional media. Web advertising grew 116% in 1999, but will ...

  • A Different Family Lifestle
    A Different Family Lifestle

    An article in the December edition of American Demographics alerts us to a niche, but growing, market segment that requires special attention in marketing and merchandising, but is difficult to identify and reach. Three-quarters of U.S. households are comprised of living arrangements other than that of the "traditional" nuclear family: The percentage of "married with children" households has decreased from 45 percent in 1972 to 26 percent in 1999, according to the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.

    There are nearly 8.5 million Americans living with an opposite-sex partner, up from ...

  • Site Traffic Seen as the Golden Goose
    Site Traffic Seen as the Golden Goose

    A new report from Myers Reports and the Internet Advertising Bureau shows that advertising online has shifted from sales generation to Web site traffic building and brand awareness. Only 46% of the 278 executives surveyed said driving e-commerce was the main reason for advertising online. The survey will be released in its entirety early next year.

     Primary Reasons for using online advertising
    | Reason | % respondents |
    | Drive traffic to site | 84.9 |
    | Branding | 82.0 |
    | Integrated Mktg/Multimedia Packages | ...
  • For Your Listening Pleasure
    For Your Listening Pleasure

    If, among media to be considered, the internet is perceived as esoteric and a fringe selection, streaming radio is off the chart! On the other hand, those who are doing it well represent leading edge marketers, and there very well may be a correlation with standard radio station excellence. At least for your radio files, here’s some press release material from MeasureCast, Inc, a company providing streaming media customers with next-day audience size and demographic reports.

    ABC Radio took the top two spots, and seven of the top ten positions in the second weekly ...

  • E-Shopping

    A quick roundup of some survey materials shows that product information dominates, household purchasing has increased almost 50% since last year and globally, people are spending. Here's where and why:

    OnLine Purchasers and Purchases

     OnLine Purchasing
    (% of US households)
    | | 1999 | 2000 |
    | All Purchases | 24% | 34 |
    | Books | 45 | 45 |
    | Travel | 26 | 30 |
    | CD's | 27 | 27 |
    | Computers& | 32 | 26 |
    | Hardware | | |
    Source: the Conference Board
  • File this one for next year
    File this one for next year!

    It looks like an ad with a delivery company on the internet at holiday time might be a good media selection. The latest Nielsen NetRatings release indicates that traffic to delivery companies soared during the week ending December 3, as people at work used the Web to track their package shipments. According to NielsenNetRatings, the sites for the United States Postal Service (http://www.usps.gov and http://www.usps.com) jumped 102 percent to more than one million unique visitors. UPS (http://www.ups.com) rose a comparable 92 percent to one million unique visitors, and FedEx (http://www.fedex.com) saw a 72 ...

  • Go Girl!
    Go Girl!

    In a press release on December 7th from Greenfield Online's ongoing Digital Consumer series that examines opinions of the online public on ecommerce issues, a new study finds that finally the online world now mirrors the offline world in which women dominate retail shopping.

    For two quarters in a row, more women than men have made purchases online, and their buying priorities are different. For the quarter ending Sept. 30, women buyers outnumbered men by two percent and the previous quarter by four percent. Both sexes buy books - the leading item purchased online - at ...

  • Ambimodal

    According to a recent NFO Interactive/Burke Inc. study, wired Americans spend 3.8 hours a week watching television while online. NFO and Burke also note that there is still a close relationship between internet usage and television viewership.

    | Type of User | Internet | TV |
    | | usage | viewing |
    | | (hrs/wk) | (hrs/wk) |
    | Heavy | 16+ | 21.4 |
    | Moderate | 6-15 | 16.9 |
    | Light | 0-5 | 15.1 |
    Source Burke, Inc'NFO interactive

    Or, looked at it the other way...

  • Self Fulfilling?
    Self Fulfilling?

    A release on 12/06 from the Associated Press says that two of the advertising industry's leading forecasters expect more moderate growth in ad spending next year as the economy slows

    Robert Coen, director of forecasting at Universal McCann, said he expected national advertising spending in all media formats to grow 6.3% to $151.8 billion next year. This year, national advertisers planned spending of $142.7 billion, up 11.8%. Despite the gradual slowdown, Coen said he still expected advertising spending as a percentage of gross domestic product to increase this year, as it has for every year since ...

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