• Efficient Price And Promotion Critical
    Whether you're a retailer or a manufacturer, pricing and promotion spend is one of the largest costs of doing business. But it is also one of the most inefficient, says the report
  • Gift Cards Provide Multiple Rewards
    According to the First Data study, "The Evolution of Branded Currency: 2017 Prepaid Consumer Insights Study," reported by Alex Palmer, when people use gift cards, most of them end up spending more than the full value of that card -- almost $40 more.
  • Remarketed Users Most Valuable Customers
    Why spend money on driving new users when you could spend the same or much less on those users who have already downloaded but haven't returned after the first or second day?
  • Thursday Sales No Turkey
    Online retail sales were up 17.6% Thanksgiving morning over the same time last year, Adobe Inc reports, maintaining a trend of holiday e-commerce sales soaring in November.
  • 20% Of Customer Market Data Suspect
    According to a SmartFocus SmartBrief, Data determines the success of your digital marketing campaign. It's the driving force behind personalization and targeting, both of which are crucial to success in digital marketing today, says the report.
  • Push For Retail App Retention
    According to the Urban Airship report on push notifications impact on retail App retention rates, of the 63 million new app users analyzed for this report, 85% of Android users and 50% of iOS users were opted in to receive notifications.
  • Half The World's Population Chooses Email
    In 2017, there are over 3.7 billion email users, representing more than half the world's population. In addition to its reach, email is consistently rated as the consumers' preferred channel for brand communication.
  • Holiday Consumer Spending
    Recent spending data from the Bank of America in November, 2016, explored spending trends in entertainment, food, retail and travel categories aggregated from more than 40 million active Bank of America credit and debit card accounts during this holiday period.
  • Youngest Generation Growing Up Fast
    There's one (generational) group in particular that's bound to draw a marketer's attention: Gen Z. Though that class of digital and social natives is still a developing consumer group, it's one that retailers have become particularly interested in.
  • Hulu Streamers 62% Female; YouTube 55% Male
    According to a new Nielsen Streaming Meter, the measurement specialist is able to give a better look at the overall streaming audience and what they're watching, reports Troy Dreier highlighting Brian Fuhrer, Nielsen senior VP of Product Leadership, praising The Nielsen Streaming Meter.
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