• Pinterest Interest
    A new survey by The Creative Group shows few organizations are ready to promote in Pinterest despite the virtual pinboard's increasing popularity. 61% of advertising and marketing executives interviewed are hesitant or not interested in using Pinterest for business purposes. Only 7% reported they're already using it.
  • 2.5% Online Discount Jeopardizes Retailers
    According to GroupM Next, examining showrooming trends, 45% of customers shopping in-store at brick and mortar locations will walk out and complete their purchase online for a discount as low as 2.5%. 60% of shoppers will leave and purchase a product online for a savings of 5%. And, discovering an online discount of 20%, only 13% of shoppers stay and complete their purchase in-store.
  • More Than A Third Click "Don't Remember Password"
    According to the results of the 2012 Online Registration and Password study from Janrain, 58% of online adults have five or more unique passwords associated with their online logins and 30% of people have more than 10 unique passwords they need to remember. 38% of people think it sounds more appealing to tackle household chores than to try and come up with another new user name or password.
  • Ad Preferences Of Social And Mobile Users
    Following on yesterday's Research Brief on connected TV ad preferences, a new study from Harris Interactive on behalf of MediaBrix shows that only 28% of Facebook users prefer to see standard banner ads in Facebook apps and 72% prefer to see immersive and interactive ad units.
  • Web Connected TV Users Prefer Ads Over Fees For Video And Streamed TV
    According to YuMe and research firm Frank N. Magid Associates, 30% of all Internet homes have TVs connected to the Internet, and users of those sets are generally receptive to advertisements and ad-supported business models.
  • Newstand Magazines Slide
    According to The Audit Bureau of Circulations, U.S. newsstand magazine sales fell nearly 10% in the first half of 2012, a sign for publishers that suggests Americans are still being careful about discretionary spending. Overall circulation, including subscriptions, was just about flat from a year earlier. But single-copy sales, which are more closely watched, continued to fall.
  • Digital Savvy Hispanics Get/Give Advice
    A new analysis by BIGinsight, from the Hispanic InsightCenter, shows that Hispanics (18+) tend to be more digital-savvy than their Non-Hispanic counterparts. In addition to face-to-face communication, they are using social media and mobile technology to give and seek advice about products and services, effecting the allocation of media when marketing to this consumer group.
  • Art and Science of Retail Merchandising Changing
    Economic uncertainty, powered by the consumerization of IT, the emergence of a new generation of merchants, and retail's brand globalization, has driven the industry to agree that localized assortments are necessary to support the best possible sales while controlling inventory and costs. The art and science of retail merchandising has changed irrevocably, concludes the report.
  • Booming Boomers
    A new report by Nielsen, the "Most Valuable Generation," in collaboration with BoomAgers, shows that in five years, 50% of the U.S. population will be 50+. These consumers spend close to 50% of all CPG dollars yet less than 5% of advertising is geared towards them. These high potential consumers have been largely unaddressed by marketers and advertisers since they started to age out of the popular 18-49 cohort.
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning Explodes
    According to a new study by Scanbuy summarized by Marketing Charts, and the ScanLife Trend Report, there were more than 16 million mobile barcode scans in the second quarter of 2012 with more than 5.3 million scans in June, becoming the highest scan month ever. Among mobile barcode scanners, half were aged 35 or older in Q2, a 22% increase over the first quarter.
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