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A new survey by The Creative Group shows few organizations are ready to promote in Pinterest despite the virtual pinboard's increasing popularity. 61% of advertising and marketing executives interviewed are hesitant or not interested in using Pinterest for business purposes. Only 7% reported they're already using it.



Advertising and marketing executives were asked, "Which of the following statements best describes your agency's/firm's attitude toward Pinterest?"

Marketing Intentions in Pinterest (% of Respondents)


% of Respondents

We love it and already use it for business purposes


It's caught our eye, and we plan to start using it for business purposes


It's caught our eye, but we're still hesitant about using it for business purposes


We have no interest in using it for business purposes


Not aware/never heard of Pinterest


Don't know/no answer


Source: CreativeGroup, August 2012

Advertising executives at large agencies were more active on Pinterest than those at smaller agencies and their corporate marketing counterparts. 24% of advertising executives at agencies with more than 100 employees reported they are already using Pinterest as part of the marketing mix, and another 6% said they plan to create an account.

Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group,  "...marketers must invest resources... that best match their demographics and brand personality... companies may be waiting to see if (Pinterest) popularity will last and what the potential business uses are... “

The report offers some tips for using Pinterest to display:

  • Make it easy and intuitive for viewers to find what they're looking for, and create a clear, concise title for each board
  • Make certain viewers understand the context of pins by labeling personal portfolio samples
  • When repinning, comment on the compelling nature of the image
  • The best way to attract more eyes to your Pinterest page is to engage with other pinners to attract more eyes

For more information from The Creative Group, and to access the complete study, please visit here.


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