• Wal-Mart and Radio Shack Sell More Than Half of Wireless Handsets
    A recent Telephia release reports Wal-Mart and RadioShack posted strong market share for wireless retail. Among recent wireless purchasers who bought their phone within the last 6 months at a major U.S. retailer, such as big box and consumer electronics stores, 32 percent bought their handset at Wal-Mart as compared to 15 percent two years ago in Q3 2003, more than doubling in share.
  • Good Intentions Notwithstanding, Half of Office Email Not Work Related
    A recently released study conducted in September, entitled "Corporate Email User Habits," by Mirapoint and the Radicati Group, found that that 23 percent of all messages in respondent's corporate mailboxes are personal in nature. And, the report noted, that along with the 33% of corporate email that is spam, more than half of corporate email messages are not work related.
  • Where Kids Go for Games and Toys Online
    A drill-down on the online sites for games and toys, including demographics, advertisers, ad types and delivery.
  • Teen Internet Users Are Creative Online
    About 21 million, or 87% of kids ages 12-17, use the Internet. According to a survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, half of all teens and 57% of teens who use the Internet have created a blog or webpage, posted original artwork, photography, stories or videos online or remixed online content into their own new creations. The study considers them "Content Creators."
  • Mature Audience Are Core Viewers for Streaming Media
    According to a new report from comScore Networks entitled "State of the Consumer Streaming Market," consumers between the ages of 35 and 54 years old accounted for more than 45 percent of all online video watched in August 2005. Further, the research confirmed that 35 to 54 year-olds are 20% more likely to watch online video than the average Internet user, and 25 to 34 year-olds are 12% more likely than the average Internet user to watch a stream online.
  • Less Than 1/5 of Online Buyers Account for Almost Half of Spending
    A recent report from Nielsen//NetRatings concludes that nearly a fifth of the online buying population accounts for nearly half of total online spending. These buyers, dubbed "Most Valuable Purchasers" (MVPs), spend more dollars online and make more purchases on the Internet than the rest of the online buying population.
  • Latest Latinos Definitely Prefer English Language TV
    A recent study by David Morse, president and CEO of New American Dimensions, found that English is the overwhelming language choice among second-generation U.S. Latinos, and becomes nearly absolute among third-generation Hispanics. This study provides some affirmation for the proponents of the ongoing debate about the language preferences of young Hispanics.
  • Family Resources on the Internet and Drilldown on Family Web Media
    A deeper look at family resource destinations including demographics, media, ad types, sizes and delivery types
  • Are Shoppers Buying on Company Time?
    According to the LIVEmark Index Report, released by Coremetrics, while the internet allows for shopping twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, the reality is that online consumers do most of their browsing and buying during business hours on weekdays. In September, 62% of weekday visits (to participating LIVEmark sites) occurred between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM (CST), and 26% of weekday visits occurred between 6:00 PM and midnight CST.
  • Radio Advertising Comparison to Last Year Skewed by Previous Political Spending
    According to the most recently released revenue figures by the Radio Advertising Bureau, figures were off 7% for the month of October 2005 in grand total combined spot and non-spot ad dollars compared to October of 2004. The current downturn can be traced to specific markets in the battleground states from the 2004 election that were up against last year's high comparison to the current non-political 2005.
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