• Social Video Viewing Enhances Purchasing
    74% of consumers say there is a connection between watching a video on social media and their purchasing decision-making process.
  • Journalism In 2017
    "2017 is going to provide an interesting opportunity for news organizations, thanks to voice-activated personal home assistants," says Ray Soto, design director of emerging technologies at USA Today Network.
  • Sharing VR With Families
    28% of Americans would love to spend the holidays with their families in virtual reality (VR) and that video sharing will be popular this holiday season, especially as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family.
  • Online Shopping Rush Started Thanksgiving Evening
    "... this year's 'peak week' (Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday) reveals how, when and where U.S. shoppers navigated the online retail space during the busiest shopping week(s) of the year."
  • Online Desktop Holiday Spending 15% Over Last Year, and 2017 Plans
    According to a new comScore report, showing holiday season U.S. retail e-commerce spending from desktop computers for the first 48 days of the November-December 2016 holiday season, $55.2 billion has been spent online
  • Marketing And IT Are Still Not On The Same Page
    Marketing and IT functions need to work together more closely. A survey of both senior marketing and IT professionals has revealed that there are significant differences between these two core business functions.
  • 90% Of Today's Data Created In Two Years
    90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, at 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day!
  • Think Serve The Customer VS. Sell The Customer
    After years of disruptive change that has lead to better informed, more empowered consumers, it has become more difficult than ever for brands to control customer perception with traditional marketing.
  • Pessimistic Holidays For Small Business, But Optimistic For 2017
    According to Capital One's latest Spark Business Barometer, tracking 400 small business owners' financial conditions, economic perceptions, hiring plans and other indicators of small business growth, small business owners are preparing for weaker sales this holiday season, with only 23% expecting an increase in sales, down from 29% a year ago.
  • Influencers In The Marketing Industry
    According to TapInfluence, the annual 2017 "Tap Ten" digital advertising spend will overtake traditional advertising by the end of 2016 with the margin expected to grow in 2017.
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