• Millennial Marketers Pick Social And Online Video For Advertising
    Marketing trends for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are shifting from traditional channels, (print, radio and television advertising, and classic word-of-mouth marketing) as millennials implement new, more viral digital practices, like social media and particularly online video.
  • Boomers 35% Of Voters In 2016 Presidential Election
    The Baby-Boom generation will account for more than one-third of voters in the 2016 presidential election, outnumbering voters in the other generations.
  • Ad Spend Shifts To Desktop And Mobile Video
    Two-thirds of US agency and marketing professionals said they expect to increase their desktop video ad spending, as well as mobile video ad spending, within the next 12 months.
  • WHADDL-IT-BE?... Bottled Water For GenZ College Students
    Taste, convenience and nutrition are the top preferences among college students who are thirsty, with bottled water as the big winner. Taught to make healthy choices from a young age, Gen Z college students take that lesson seriously when reaching for beverages.
  • Online Sales Hits Record 11.1% Of Retail Sales
    US online retail is expected to reach to reach $373 billion in 2016. That figure will grow to more than $500 billion by 2020.
  • 70% Of Hispanic Digital Audio Listeners Bought From Internet Radio Ad
    According to a study from Audio.ad and OH! PANEL, 69% of Hispanic digital audio listeners have bought a product advertised on internet radio in the past year, and 44% have bought between 2 and 5 products.
  • The Mobile Shopper: Research, Buy, Track, Shop Again
    According to Nielsen's fourth-quarter 2015 Mobile Wallet Report, 37% of respondents said their purchases start with mobile shopping more than one-quarter to half of the time.
  • How Journalists Pick And Choose
    According to a media survey by Wasabi Publicity and Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert, with the goal of better understanding what journalists are looking for when it comes to picking and choosing who and what to cover, 28.6% of respondents reported that they do not receive any phone call pitches on an average day, while 58% said that they receive between one and four.
  • Don't Push Millennials; Build Trust, Gain Loyalty
    According to a new study by Rapt Media, consumers don't trust content that's pushed at them.
  • Brands Failing In Timely Response To Customers On Social Media
    Brand behaviors don't even come close to syncing up with people's expectations on social media, according to new data from a recent Sprout Social study.
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