Boomers 35% Of Voters In 2016 Presidential Election

According to the American Consumers Newsletter by Cheryl Russell, New Strategist Press, the Baby-Boom generation will account for more than one-third of voters in the 2016 presidential election, outnumbering voters in the other generations.

Millennials will account for 26% of the total. Gen Xers will rank third, casting 20% of votes, more than the Silent and World War II generations combined. The oldest members of the iGeneration (aged 18 to 21) will cast their first vote for president in 2016, and they will account for just 4% of the total. Demo Memo calculated these figures by applying single-year-of-age citizenship and voting rates from the 2012 presidential election to the Census Bureau's 2016 population projections  

Percent Distribution Of Voters In 2016 By Generation


Age Group

% Total Voters


18 to 21



22 to 39


Generation Xers

40 to 51


Baby Boomers

52 to 70


Older Americans



Source: New Strategist Press, May 2016

Boomers will outnumber Millennials at the polls because they will be much more likely to vote, says the report. Expect 71% of citizens in the Baby-Boom generation to vote in 2016, equal to the voting rate of Americans in the Silent and World War II generations. A smaller 63% of Gen X citizens can be expected to vote. Among Millennial citizens, the voting rate should be about 54%. Only 38% of citizens in the iGeneration are expected to vote, concludes the report.

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  1. Anglyn Hays from Free Lance Writer Hire Me!, May 30, 2016 at 6:51 a.m.

    I agree this election ear the boomers have a slight advantage, however, as a voter pool, I would point out that 35% is not sufficient weight to swing an election against the votes of all other cohorts.  The total number of voters is the least significant development this year.  2016 is the tipping point for baby boomer politics in that this is the last presidential campaign securd by age restrictions against a much smaller, immigrant population of Gen X, or the Millennials, who are themselves a larger cohort than the baby boomers.  The boomers only advantage this year is the tendency of the elderly to vote in larger numbers than the young, and that's only a trend.  Actual voters are a different picture.  On a less statistical front, this is the last campaign in which two boomers and a silent will face off for the highest office in the land.  We stand on the edge of a new age, and the fresh air smells great!  This election is going to be inevitable rerun of all the old baby boomer battle axes writ larger than life one more time.  Neither Trimp nor Clinton has had a new idea in decades, so it is really a status quo election, but the last one for the boomers.  Change is coming, but not this year, unless a very old man wins.  Those are the prospects fielded by a burned out generation on the way out -- to me it seems obvious. 

  2. Anglyn Hays from Free Lance Writer Hire Me! replied, May 30, 2016 at 6:53 a.m.

    Sorry, Trump* This is not so bad. A little while back I misspelled him as Mr. Pimp. That's my fav.

  3. Jack Loechner from Mediapost Communications, May 30, 2016 at 5:18 p.m.

    thanks, Anglyn, for taking the time to provide additional "awarenesses"... 

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