• Getting it Less and Liking it More; Spam is Diminishing
    A new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, written by PIP Senior Research Fellow Deborah Fallows, finds that email users are receiving slightly more spam than before, but they are minding it less. Fewer email users now say that spam is undermining their trust in email. And, while more than half of internet users still consider spam to be a big problem, the ill effects of spam on email habits and the overall internet experience have declined.
  • Lower Income Households Going to Web to Buy Real Estate
    Nielsen//NetRatings reported that the continued interest in home and rental properties compelled 21.6 million Web surfers, or 15 percent of the active Internet population, to visit a real estate or apartment site during April 2005, spiking 26 percent from 17.1 million visitors six months ago.
  • Listen to Your Computer (for Tunes)
    According to the latest MusicLab report from The NPD Group, even though radio, audio devices, and music videos on television dominate overall music listening behavior, the computer is an increasingly significant medium for music listening.
  • Buzz Off, Blogger
    According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project, in conjunction with BuzzMetrics and Dr. Michael Cornfield, blogs are hot. In addition, two Pew surveys conducted in early 2005 show that 16% of U.S. adults (32 million) are blog readers.
  • Small Business Says Revenue and Retention Most Important Issues
    The Interland Spring 2005 Business Barometer revealed that two out of three business leaders clearly believe that business Web sites influence overall sales, both on- and off-line. In addition, 94 percent say their businesses have Internet access, and seven out of 10 cite email as very or somewhat critical to their business.
  • Online Radio Midday Audience Tops a Million
    Listening to the online radio networks measured by comScore Arbitron during March, peaked during midday, the heart of the working day, with 1,036,800 people age 12 and older listening during an Average Quarter-Hour Monday-Friday 10AM-3PM.
  • Online Sports Sites, Demographics, Advertisers and Ad Technologies
    A deep drill-down into Online sports destinations, viewers, advertisers, ad types and delivery.
  • Internet Pervasive in Schools, But Other Technologies Lacking
    According to The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in March of this year, supplemented by eMarketer, 93% of instructional rooms in public schools have Internet access, a serious rise from just 64% in 1999 and only 3% in 1994. And, the number of schools with broadband connectivity has risen to 95% in 2003.
  • Newspaper Circulation Worst Since 1996
    EMarketer reports that daily US newspaper circulation dropped 1.9% in the six-month period ending March 31, which was the largest decline since 1995-1996, when circulation fell nearly 2.1%. Sunday circulation declined 2.5% over the last six months, compared with the same period a year ago.
  • Want Beats Need for Over 1/3 of New Car Buyers
    According to a recent Vertis study, Customer Focus® 2005, the number one reason for many consumers to buy a new car is simply because they want one. For 36 percent of new car purchasers, their desire for a new automobile will lead them to make a purchase within the next 12 months.
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