• Do Agencies and Marketers Walk-the-Talk?
    According to a new strategic leadership study conducted by Louws Management Corporation, while 80% of 711 advertising and marketing professionals surveyed said they are strongly aware of their company's brand positioning, only one fourth of them "...can clearly articulate (their) company's brand position to... clients, customers or prospective clients." This includes 30 percent of senior management, notes the report. The study makes several critical observations regarding the use of advertising tools that would lead to strategic solutions for clients.
  • 20 Years of Superbowls Yielded 1400 Commercials and 1.72 Billion Ad Dollars
    According to TNS Media Intelligence, advertising during the Super Bowl game has accounted for 682 minutes, over 11 full hours, of commercial time throughout the past 20 years (1987-2006). Those 11 hours represent 221 different advertisers, more than 1,400 commercial announcements and translate into $1.72 billion of network advertising sales.
  • Web Sites Increasing Local Newspaper Penetration Markedly
    According to a special release from The Media Audit, newspapers are increasing their market penetration beyond 60, 70 and even 80 percent with the help of their websites. Ten daily newspapers have achieved a net reach of more than 80 percent. The full report will be available at the Newspaper Association of America Marketing Convention in Las Vegas, January 28-31.
  • Newspaper Blogs Are Instant "Letters To The Editor"
    Nielsen//NetRatings finds that traditional publishers are adopting interactive forums like blogs, where web traffic to the blog pages of the top 10 online newspapers grew 210 percent year over year in December. The overall unique audience growth to these online newspapers was 9 percent year over year. Unique visitors to blog pages accounted for 13 percent of their December 2006 Web traffic, up 9 percentage points from 4 percent in December 2005.
  • Musical Phones
    According to recently published research from Telephia, there are now 23.5 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. who have phones with integrated music players. The number of consumers with music-enabled phones is up five times from the same period in 2005 and nearly 20 percent of the new phones purchased in Q3 2006 were music capable.
  • Customer Product Reviews Drive Online Satisfaction and Conversion
    According to the results of the Top 40 Online Retail Satisfaction Index from ForSee Results, and the University of Michigan American Customer Satisfaction Index, customer product reviews online drive satisfaction and loyalty and provide a competitive advantage for sites that offer them.
  • Consumers Willing to Trade Off Privacy for Electronic Personalization
    According to The 2006 ChoiceStream Personalization Survey, the number of consumers willing to provide demographic information in exchange for a personalized online experience has grown dramatically over the past year, increasing 24 percent to a total of 57 percent of all respondents.
  • Marketers To Increase Online Direct Marketing, But Overlooking Analytics
    According to Alterian's transatlantic annual survey of more than 500 direct marketers, marketing services providers and agencies. eighty-five percent of respondents expect their online direct marketing expenditures to increase in 2007. The spending projection is the largest expected increase since the Alterian Annual Survey began in 2003.
  • Image Ads Versus Sponsored Links In November
    A detailed look by industry of the impact of sponsored Online ads vs. those linked.
  • B2B Tech Marketers OK With Online Video, But Not Sure of Social Networks and Wikis
    New research by KnowledgeStorm and Universal McCann illuminates the impact that emerging online media have on B2B technology marketing and shows how online video, social networks and Wikis are evolving into B2B information delivery tools. A wiki is a website that allows the visitors themselves to easily add, remove, and otherwise edit and change available content, and typically without the need for registration.
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