• Green Perceptions and Packaging
    According to a survey from Generate Insight, reported by MarketingCharts, the Millennial generation (ages 13-29) revealed an extremely high level of education about green issues overall. However, while 76% of Millennials ages 13-29 feel it's very important or important for brands to get involved in the green movement, 71% of teens (ages 13-17) surveyed say if they had to choose between a less expensive product or one that "gave back" to the environment, they would choose the less expensive product.
  • Consumers Say Practical Technology Will Improve Future
    According to The Harris Poll of 2,355 U.S. adults surveyed online in March, a majority of consumers believe advanced technology could be the answer to many of the challenges the U.S. faces today, whether it is a stalled automobile industry, an ailing education system or expensive medical costs. Consumers are looking to technology to improve their lives and want very practical applications to solve their current problems.
  • More People Worldwide Watch More Channels on More Devices
    According to findings from the Accenture second annual Global Broadcast Consumer Survey, television viewership has grown since last year, with 40% of viewers watching six or more television channels vs. 35% in 2008, and 39% watching eight or more television programs per week vs. 33% last year. Respondents who said they would also enjoy viewing content on other devices increased over the last year, with 13-point increases in the number who would watch content on personal computers (74% in 2009 vs. 61% in 2008) and on mobile devices (45% in 2009 vs. 32% in 2008).
  • Paid Search Down, Click-Through Up
    According to new research from NetElixir Inc, , the average volume of paid search clicks, during the first quarter of 2009, was down 9% compared with Q1 2008. At the same time, the average cost per click was down 7% year over year. The average click-through rate, though, was up 7.5% in the first quarter of 2009 versus Q1 2008, and the average search ad conversion rate was up 5%, says the report.
  • 42 Million Americans Listen to Radio Weekly on Digital Audio Platforms
    The latest study by Arbitron and Edison Research shows continued growth in usage and ownership of various forms of digital audio platforms, including online radio, iPod/MP3 players, and podcasting. The weekly online radio audience increased significantly in the past year to 17% of the U.S. population age 12 and older; up from 13% in 2008. On a weekly basis, online radio reaches 20% of 25-to-54 year-olds; up from 15% in 2008.
  • Online Merchants Targeting, Tweaking and Testing
    According to the e-tailing group's 8th Annual Merchant Survey in the first quarter of 2009, 34% of surveyed merchants anticipate that their Internet revenues will be down or flat in 2009 versus 2008. The balance of respondents continue to see growth but only 39% project revenues up in the 1%-15% range. More so than in prior years, customer behavior may significantly impact performance as shoppers are slower to purchase, limit purchases, as well as research both product and price before making commitments. Testing is central to understanding what works in this climate where analytics and performance data substantiate decision-making.
  • Social Networking Generates Leads, Closes Sales for Marketers
    According to a social media study by Michael Stelzner for the Social Media Success Summit 2009, 88% of marketers in a recent survey say they are now using some form of social media to market their business, though 72% of those using it say they have only been at it a few months or less.
  • Digital Billboards Hold Driver's Attention
    According to a study by the Center for Crash Causation and Human Factors at Virginia Tech's Transportation Institute, a leading research institute on transportation and driving performance, a driver's performance, speed maintenance, and lane keeping were not measurably impaired in any way along highways and other roads with billboards. Some aspect of the digital billboards and comparison events, however, holds the driver's attention, once the driver has glanced that way. This is most likely, says the report, the result of the intrinsic lighting of these signs, which is noticeable even during the daytime.
  • Internet Ad Spending Increase Stands Alone in 2009 Forecast
    According to a new release and ad spending forecast by ZenithOptimedia, current ad expenditure forecasts predict a steeper decline in North America and Western Europe, with all regions joining in the general decline. The report forecasts global ad expenditure to shrink by 6.9% over the course of 2009. Entering Q2, 2009 says the report, there is limited long-term visibility in the market as most advertisers wait until the last moment to confirm their spending commitments. Many are treating advertising as a discretionary expense, and one they find convenient to cut.
  • TV Still Occupies Two Thirds of Adult Screen Time
    The new Video Consumer Mapping (VCM) study for the Council for Research Excellence (CRE) by Ball State University's Center for Media Design (CMD) finds that younger baby boomers (age 45-54) consume the most video media, and confirms that traditional live television remains the "800-pound gorilla" in the video media arena. The VCM study generated data covering more than three-quarters of a million minutes and a total of 952 observed days.
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