• The Good Old FSIs and Flyers Going Digital
    According to a new survey by Retale and Placed, looking at the shopping behaviors and preferences of more than 11,000 mobile users, the traditional marketing-friendly format of paper circulars is enjoying a second life in digital media, with 77% who've used a paper circular wanting to migrate to digital versions.
  • Mobile Video Advertising Still The Hot Ticket
    According to the Opera Mediaworks' State of Mobile Advertising report, 10/22, Android continues to close the gap with iOS in mobile advertising revenue, while its share of impressions is now almost double that of iOS.
  • Health And Fitness Go Mobile For Mom
    According to the results of the BabyCenter U.S. Mobile Mom 2014 Report: Health & Fitness Go Mobile for Moms, though 55% of moms surveyed say they would track their health or their children's health, the majority of moms find the current options on their Smartphones too time consuming and therefore too difficult to use.
  • B2B Buyers Purchasing Online
    According to the Acquity Group's annual State of B2B Procurement study of corporate business procurement professionals in the U.S. with annual purchasing budgets in excess of $100,000, 68% of B2B buyers now purchase goods online, up from
  • Vicarious Trick-Or-Treaters
    A recent survey by RetailMeNot, found that 72% of parents admitted to taking a piece of their child's Halloween candy, and 35% of those parents say their kids don't know they do this!
  • Worldwide Digital Engagement Up, Social Media Suspect For Shoppers
    According to a new global report by Capgemini, consumers consider socialmedia (from awareness, through to post-sale activity) a less important part of their customer journey compared to two years ago, suggesting that the social media hype in the consumer goods and retail sector has not materialized.
  • Customer Marketing: Keep Current Customers Comfortable!
    In a study by Influitive, conducted by Demand Metric, the resources and investment organizations are making in Customer Marketing... "pursuing revenue from existing customers..." is considered to be significantly important to roughly three-quarters of the respondents.
  • Media Buying Increasingly Complex
    Advancements in viewing technology and increased competition for eyeballs have resulted in a more fragmented TV landscape environment, increasing the complexity in media buying and selling for a medium that generates billions of dollars in ad revenue per year, says a new study from ComScore.
  • Mobile Shoppers Need Better Customer Care Or They're Out
    According to new research from Contact Solutions, 30% of shoppers chose physical stores for less than half of their everyday shopping, while 52% do more than half their online shopping with online retailers, and 30% shop on mobile at least as much as they do on a computer.
  • Breaking News Is Digital For 80% of Internet Users
    According to a new study from the Newspaper Association of America, conducted by ComScore, the audience engaged with newspaper digital content reached a new peak in August 2014, rising 18% to 164 million unique visitors (adults 18+) from 139 million in August 2013. That audience level was 25 million larger than a year ago.
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