• Unwanted Robo Calls
    Unwanted calls to consumers this year have spiked by 76% in 2017, up from more than 10B last year, according to the Robocall Radar Report by Hiya,
  • The Perfect Sales Page
    Everyone says that they have "the perfect formula" for writing a great sales page that will move visitors to make a purchase. If "everyone" has the perfect formula, whom do you trust, says Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases.
  • Spending Trends By Generation
    This generation, defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as people born in 1927 or earlier, heads fewer than 2% of the nation's households. Despite its small size, the BLS has revealed its characteristics and spending patterns, along with those of younger generations.
  • Reaching Black Women Across All Media Platforms
    With a combination of digital prowess, social savvy and voracious media consumption, Black women have very unique media habits and preferences.
  • 46% of Americans Use Digital Voice Assistants
    Voice-controlled digital assistants are being incorporated into a wide range of consumer products, and 46% of U.S. adults say they now use these applications to interact with smartphones and other devices.
  • Holiday Shopping Behavior
    Despite the rising popularity of e-commerce, only 44% of Americans will shop primarily online, while 56% will opt for brick and mortar stores.
  • Go Digital To Catch Up
    New numbers from InstartLogic show how the holiday season is shaping up, with the influence of digital transformation.
  • Reach Decision Makers During Holidays
    According to an article in Sales and Marketing Management by Mike Scher, CEO of FRONTLINE Selling, data has shown that outreach during the holiday weeks is actually an optimal time of year to reach decision-makers. The best sales-booking days of the year are holiday weeks.
  • Wait For The Wave Of 'New Year, New You' Promotions
    According to the National Retail Federation, holiday shopping is expected to rise by 4% to $678.7 billion this year, but sometimes it's better to wait for bargains.
  • Moms Outrank Celebs
    in today's ever-changing marketing landscape, consumers rely on trusted family and friends to help them make purchase decisions. In fact, word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing drives $6 trillion in annual consumer spending and accounts for an estimated 13% of consumer sales.
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