• 40% Of Consumers Willing To Pay To Watch Sports
    Across 14 countries, soccer is the game most consumers say they like to watch at 28%, followed by the Olympics, tennis, athletics and basketball and motor racing
  • IoT A Great Inventory Management Tool
    Inventory management across the enterprise a very important capability driven by the IoT.
  • Despite Foreign Ad Influence Social Media Thrives
    Three major online platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Google, testified before representatives of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees
  • B2Bs Counting On Digital
    Today's B2B organizations are counting on digital to move the needle.
  • Data Protection Focus In 2018
    A list of top 5 predictions for enterprises in 2018 shows how vulnerable corporations are to cyber-attacks.
  • Automated SMS Messages Projected > 2.7 Trillion By 2022
    Messaging is expected to increase by 20% over the next 5 years to more than 2.7 trillion by 2022, up from 2.1 trillion this year.
  • Get A Marketing Intelligence Champion!
    When driving towards Marketing Intelligence, ("the processes and systems that can help turn information into actionable marketing decisions") firms must take direction from their customers.
  • Mobile Sales Dominate On Cyber Monday
    This year's Cyber Monday was the biggest sales day for online and for mobile ever in the US. Online sales brought in $6.59 billion in total, while sales on mobile broke a new record by reaching $2 billion.
  • Milestones Are Meaningful
    Humans are wired to want to share their most significant life events with those closest to them. So it's no surprise that so much of what consumers post about on social involves the full lifecycle of planning, celebrating, and sharing major milestones and most meaningful moments.
  • Master Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns
    The holiday season is off and running for brands as a high-risk, high-reward period, and standing out from the competition may be the difference between financial success and failure for the year.
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