• Broadcast TV Starts Year Heading Up
    The TV industry got off to a positive start in 2016 with ad spending up 1% in January. The broadcast TV networks showed a big gain of 9% in the month.
  • mCommerce Driven By Smartphones
    Next year will mark a milestone for US ecommerce, as more than half of digital buyers in the country will use a smartphone to complete a purchase during 2017, according to eMarketer's latest forecast. 95.1 million Americans ages 14 and older, or 51.2% of digital buyers, will make at least one purchase via a smartphone.
  • Inactive Subscribers Still Help Pay The Rent
    Your engaged customers read your emails, click your links, and buy your products. But what about the inactive subscribers who signed up for your list but don't even open your emails, and you're not really sure they care.
  • Advice And Opinions Are Easy, But Family Knows Best
    According to the Mintel flagship report American Lifestyles 2015, 69% of Americans seek out advice and opinions on goods and services before purchasing.
  • Video Marketing Coming On Strong
    When it comes to video marketing, there's an accepted belief that the industry is growing incredibly quick, but new research is surprisingly thin that's made it difficult to build an accurate picture of what's really happening in the industry.
  • Back In The Day
    According to the jobapplicationcenter team, life today really does differ from the days of the past. The recent report reviewed data and crunched the numbers in order to analyze the costs of events and everyday expenses, including getting married, heading to college, shopping for groceries, and buying a house, across the generations.
  • B2B Buyers Favor Trust and Responsiveness In Vendor Relationships
    According to a recent study by LinkedIn, buyers crave information, but the information they're getting from marketers and salespeople is not necessarily the most useful and effective content in the buying process.
  • Above The Fold And Relevancy Optimizes Viewability
    "Viewability," says the report, has become a hot topic in digital marketing since 2011, when the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), together with the Association of National Advertisers, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (collectively called Making Measurement Make Sense or 3MS) presented guiding principles of measurement.
  • Digital Coupons Becoming Core Promotional Element
    According to a recent Whitepaper from Jupiter Research, as retail becomes an evermore connected experience, brands and retailers are seeking to extend their engagement with consumers, moving beyond creating awareness and facilitating payment, to a deeper, richer integration of loyalty programs.
  • Marketing Gets Extra Help From "Influencers"
    According to a new eMarketer report, Influencer Marketing for US Brands, influencer marketing is becoming more important to brands.
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