• SnapChat Testing "Commercials"
    ...a new ad format called "Commercials", which will be unskippable six-second ads.
  • Presentation Do's and Don'ts
    These are common expressions that can ruin presentations, and here are more phrases presenters should avoid, says Fisher.
  • The Digital Shopper's Journey
    Shoppers who go online to purchase "everyday" items like groceries and household consumables are still in the minority,
  • Measuring Content Effectiveness
    Threadline Digital publicly launched a unique content marketing measurement solution that enables marketers to understand the true impact of their digital content.
  • No Previous Experience Required
    According to IRI findings from two recent studies into the shopping attitudes, emotional drivers, and behaviors of Generation Z (aged 21 and under), insights for manufacturers and retailers to effectively communicate with this generation of consumers are invaluable. A few highlights include:
    • 47% of older Gen Zers are active participants in their family’s grocery shopping
    • 38% of Gen Z kids think it’s cool to get ads or promotions in their social media feeds for products based on their interests/shopping habits
    • 66% of the Gen Z population said that “Feeling Good About Who I Am” is part of being healthy, …
  • Drink Up
    Although Starbucks is a brand with a long-standing history of positive social action and community engagement, the recent controversy has done much to tarnish that carefully built reputation.
  • Shopping With Alexa
    As consumers become increasingly accustomed to shopping and completing transactions with voice technology, it's a natural progression to receive product or retailer coupons through the same medium.
  • Truth Is An Important Ingredient
    Build and strengthen an advertising ecosystem that works for agencies, brands and consumers.
  • Broken Ad Economy
    The consolidation of big tech's power, the collapse of privacy protections, and the unabated spread of fake news are the three biggest challenges facing the health of the internet.
  • Measure Talent By Value
    Getting the best people into the most important roles does not happen by chance; it requires a disciplined look at where the organization really creates value and how top talent contributes.
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