Measuring Content Effectiveness

The Center For Media Research makes no claim as to the efficacy of this new technology discussed, but rather the introduction of its availability.

After 18 months in growth and development mode, Threadline Digital publicly launched a unique content marketing measurement solution that enables marketers to understand the true impact of their digital content. Using this proprietary solution, companies can gauge the emotional and attitudinal impact of virtually any type of content, to accurately understand the value of their initiatives and overcome a pervasive marketing challenge, says the report. 

According to the report, Content Marketing is a $212 billion global industry, and it is expected to continue its double-digit growth trajectory over the next two years. However, despite spending nearly one-third of their marketing budgets on content programs, organizations often find it difficult to measure their effectiveness, particularly how they impact consumer perception of their brand, says the report.

The new measurement approach leverages a blend of market research and ad technology to clearly demonstrate how content made consumers feel, the impression it left, and its effect on the brand. B2C and B2B organizations, as well as ad agencies, can use this to measure most any type of content throughout the digital space, such as websites, content hubs, sponsored content, email marketing and online video.

Threadline co-founder Adam Rossow says, “Content marketing has a measurement problem. For many initiatives, run-of-the-mill metrics such as page views, shares and engagement levels fail to reveal effectiveness and ROI, and, without those insights, it’s nearly impossible to steer content or justify additional investments.” The process, says the report, remedies a difficult challenge by going past simple behavioral data and giving marketers the metrics that truly matter in the long run.  

For both paid and owned initiatives, Threadline employs custom measurements based on a company’s specific editorial and brand goals. The solution garners feedback from exposed and control audiences via custom surveys that measure the content’s brand lift, and provides insights into everything from usefulness to emotional impact to relevance and sentiment.

Beyond delivering the attitudinal and emotional metrics most important to marketers, the solution can be used to:

Measure the impact of lower-traffic content and get feedback from hard-to-reach audiences

  • Compare and contrast the effect of content by different audience segments, channels and behavioral actions, such as engagement levels
  • Achieve a more in-depth understanding of who a company’s audience is and what it thinks of their brand

Threadline Digital, based in Denver, Colorado, is a content effectiveness company that provides marketers with metrics that matter. Born out of a need for greater insight and clarity into the performance of content marketing, Threadline’s solution enables leading companies to measure, understand and demonstrate the impact and value of their content marketing initiatives. 

Through a mix of ad tech and market research, Threadline provides marketers with metrics that align with their specific goals, says the report. In doing so, Threadline  helps them achieve and demonstrate ROI, optimize their efforts and make smarter decisions.  

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