• Make Mine Personal
    A survey of nearly 2,000 people published this week shows that what employees want, more than financial rewards, are personalized awards over money.
  • Desktop Gets The Visitors; Mobile The Minutes
    website visits are plateauing in the US, and the battle for visitors is increasingly being fought on smartphones. But despite mobile devices capturing the majority of digital minutes, the US still features more desktop than mobile unique visitors.
  • Smartphone Shoppers, Gamers, And Tech Homers
    From smartphones to home pods, intelligent assistants are becoming widely used with far-ranging implications for the customer experience of the future.
  • Oldies, But Goodies
    Everyone's talking about the retro trend in television as iconic shows from the '80s and '90s are getting 2018 reboots.
  • PCs Score First in Short Form Video Viewing
    Mobile video plays topped 60% globally for the first time ever, and could soon reach a 70% market share driven by premium sports assets.
  • Content Marketing Vendors Aid B2B Marketing Agility
    B2B marketers are producing more content and assets today than ever before, and investing in or considering a content marketing platform (CMP) to stay on top of all of their activity.
  • CPGs Plus Mobile Phones Seek Convenience Stores
    Online shopping and shifting consumer preferences, c-store retailers, and the CPG brands that sell products within them, are seeing real results from mobile offer campaigns.
  • Brand Loyalty Not A Millennial Trait
    Millennials are less brand loyal than preceding generations. A recent Daymon Worldwide global study showed that only 29% of millennials usually buy the same brand, compared with 35% of Gen Xers,
  • Alexa Makes Spending Easy
    Today, consumers only spend $2 billion through voice shopping with smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. But over the next few years, that amount is likely to soar,
  • Click And Collect Shopping
    Compared with all online shopping, the typical click and collect shopping basket is heavy on edibles like meat, produce, dairy and frozen foods. Dry grocery is important too, says the report, as it is included in 50% of click and collect shopping trips.
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