PCs Score First in Short Form Video Viewing

According to Ooyala’s newly released Q4 2017 Global Video Index Report, mobile video plays topped 60% globally for the first time ever, and could soon reach a 70% market share driven by premium sports assets. Geographically, says the report, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) had the greatest level of engagement at 63.5%. North America lagged most of the rest of world at 57.6% despite seeing mobile video jump 11% from Q4 2016. 

The report also found that:

  • Time watched for medium- and long-form video content exceeded 50% on all devices
  • PCs now lag by some distance in long-form viewing, yet lead in short-form
  • Ad impressions soared on smartphones, leading all devices at 51% of impressions 
  • Mobile plays could soon reach a 70% market share, driven by premium sports assets

Across all measured devices, says the report, including smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and PCs, viewing time for medium and long-form content grew to over 50% of all content, continuing a trend first reported by Ooyala in 2017. 

One of the biggest viewing shifts occurred on PCs, where time spent watching long-form content dropped to just 37% in Q4. Time spent watching short-form content on PCs climbed to 50%, the most of any device. Elsewhere, short-form content was essentially flat year-over-year on smartphones (44%), tablets (26%) and connected TVs (0.7%).

Jim O’Neill, Ooyala principal analyst, notes that “… the primary screen is definitely shifting… All devices are not equal for video viewing… consumers are as comfortable watching a sporting event, TV show or movie on a smartphone as they are on a connected TV, but not on their PC or tablet…”

The explosion of digital content is helping to drive viewing off of the TV. On average, OTT services doubled their hours of content offerings over the last 12 months, with long-form content increasing 159%.  Medium-form content offerings increased 87% and short-form content increased 112%.

O’Neill added that “… content is experiencing a flood unlike anything the industry has previously seen… it’s the lifeblood of an over-the-top provider… and the key to keeping users engaged and coming back for more… especially if you maintain regular contact with your customers…”

Accompanying the gains in viewing on mobile devices was growth in mobile advertising, concludes the report:

  • Smartphones, at 55%, topped PCs, at 36%, for the percentage of pre-roll ad impressions shown on broadcaster platforms
  • Smartphone pre-roll impressions were highest (69%) on publisher platforms 
  • Publishers saw total impressions soar on smartphones, to 51% of all connected devices
  • Mid-roll ads saw the highest percentage of completions for broadcasters and publisher platforms; broadcasters saw completion rates top 97% for all screens

The full Ooyala Q4 Video Index report can be found here.


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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, March 26, 2018 at 5:27 a.m.

    "Plays" are not the same thing as time spent---especiaklly for mobile.

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