• Generational Social Media Behaviors
    According to a new report from Fizziology, prepared by BaM, Handley and Jennette, marketers are still struggling with how to communicate with their audiences in social media in a way that they don't with more traditional media. The numbers prove that each generation is represented in social media in mass.
  • Marketers: Plug In These Numbers
    According to the American Consumers Newsletter by Cheryl Russell, Editorial Director, New Strategist Press, here's a collection of hot trend metrics and back stories, for classic marketing segmentation.
  • Invest Wisely In B2B Customer Experience
    According to new research from Accenture, the overwhelming majority of B2B organizations are spending more on initiatives to improve their customers' experience but the study suggests that 76% may be wasting up to half of their investment on ineffective customer experience initiatives that have resulted in little or no return.
  • If Online TV Provider Satisfies, Cable Gets Cut
    A recent Adroit Digital study shows that 63% of the respondents said that if an online provider could satisfy their broadcast TV viewing needs, they would cancel their cable subscription. Men are more likely to cut the cord than women; 67% compared to 57% respectively.
  • Online Shoppers Want Convenience
    comScore reports in more digital detail about consumers' online shopping experiences. Respondents said they want more options in searching for items, checking out, enhanced security and alternate delivery locations, and reported on their preferred access to information about product research and product purchasing.
  • Seniors Order Online, Pick-up At Store
    The World Health Organization reports that 2 billion people will be at least 60 years old by 2050, presenting a prime opportunity for retailers to take stock of the segment's particular needs. Nielsen, in considering retailers interest to better serve the needs of this growing and lucrative segment of health-focused seniors, finds that North American respondents in their recent study indicated that certain store features or services "don't meet or only partially meet the needs" of aging consumers.
  • Agency Business Up, Ad Budgets Up, Suspicious of Industry Data
    A recent survey of advertising agencies, conducted by STRATA, found that 62% of agencies polled said they see business increasing this quarter compared to the same time last year, the highest level ever recorded in the history of the STRATA survey. The survey found that a majority of advertisers doubt the legitimacy of Web traffic flowing to online advertisements.
  • Entertainment and Media Pushing Digitalization
    In 2018, 33% of total advertising revenue is forecast to be digital, compared to 17% of consumer revenue, applying a digital mindset advancing from a digital strategy to a business strategy, fit for a digital age.
  • Executive Decisions: Gut Feel, Big Data or Collaborative?
    According to a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), the study finds that senior managers are most likely to describe their decision-making style as "data-driven". But it also reveals that the relationship between analysis and intuition in decision-making is complex, and that even people who think of themselves as data-driven decision-makers also place trust in their own intuition.
  • Print Plus Digital Increasing World Wide Newspaper Audiences
    According to the annual World Press Trends survey released Monday by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), print and digital combined are increasing audiences for newspapers globally, but digital revenues are not keeping pace, posing a risk for newspaper businesses and the societies they serve,.
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